How Balance of Nature Taps Into a New Audience & More Revenue
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Balance of Nature

Learn how Balance of Nature, a premier supplements brand, found healthy ways to connect to younger audiences and skyrocket revenue on Meta, paid search, and Pinterest.

Balance of Nature is a direct-to-consumer health and wellness brand that offers convenient fruit and vegetable-based supplements that make it easy for people to maintain proper nutrition and live a healthy life. 


Health & Wellness



Marketing mix

Paid Search & Product Ads, Meta, Pinterest, Programmatic

The How

The Agital team partnered with Balance of Nature to grow brand awareness, reach new audiences, and increase revenue through a smart combination of paid media ads spanning search, product, social and programmatic.  

The Challenges

  • Increase brand recognition across a new, younger demographic.
  • Expand marketing efforts to new channels and platforms.
  • Lower cost per acquisition (CPA) to boost revenue.

The Solution

Building a cornucopia of cross-channel marketing efforts.

Balance of Nature has had a long and successful history of engaging older audiences who have become loyal customers. The brand recognized that in order to continue growing sustainably, they needed to expand their reach and engage a new, younger, health-minded audience.

This meant a change in approach, complete with new targeting strategies and expansion into new channels. The Agital team jumped at the opportunity to bring Balance of Nature’s products to a broader audience. The team first focused on upgrading Balance of Nature’s paid search campaigns by targeting high-quality, nonbranded keywords.

To achieve optimal coverage for these new search terms, Agital went beyond Google and into Microsoft, knowing that over half of Bing users are under 35. To further boost awareness, the team created net-new search campaigns that addressed the interests and search behavior of specific audience segments like Gen Z and Millennial parents.  

To get maximum visibility out of Balance of Nature’s marketing efforts, the Agital team also launched remarketing and discovery ad campaigns that showcased Balance of Nature’s vibrant line of fruit- and vegetable-based products.

These ads were served to a variety of audiences – from people who have visited the client’s site, abandoned their shopping cart or purchased in the past, to cold users interested in health & fitness, personal care, green living, and more. In addition, we used these audience criteria to extend Balance of Nature’s channel reach to YouTube, where users are generally younger.

Together, these strategies raised brand awareness and consideration. The programmatic channel accounted for 15 million impressions and more than 200,000 clicks to Balance of Nature’s site.  

Balance of Nature

“We could not be more impressed with the Agital team – all of the strategies they’ve proposed have ultimately advanced our overarching business goals of attracting younger customers and consistently scaling revenue. We’ve adopted new channels, including Pinterest and TikTok, and thanks to Agital we’ve seen immediate results of adding them to our channel mix.”

Director of Digital Media, Balance of Nature

Adding a healthy dose of social media success.

To further increase Balance of Nature’s reach into their new target demographic, Agital launched smartly targeted paid social campaigns on Meta and Pinterest.

On Meta, the team created a cold traffic campaign designed to build brand awareness with audiences that were not familiar with Balance of Nature or their products. We also targeted lookalike audiences to find new customers who are interested in wellness products and a healthy lifestyle. 

We deployed similar targeting tactics on Pinterest, with the addition of keyword audience targeting.  

To ensure these new tactics were driving optimal coverage and maximizing the chance for conversion, Agital created retargeting ads that were served to audiences who had seen the Meta and Pinterest ads or visited a Balance of Nature landing page.  

The Results

The focus on awareness and guiding new audiences through the funnel toward conversion resulted in significant revenue growth and a big decrease in Balance of Natures’ cost per acquisition (CPA). 

Paid search: Year-over-year, Agital’s updated paid search and product ads drove: 

Meta: Year-over-year the new Meta strategy resulted in: 

Pinterest: Quarter over quarter, introducing Pinterest to Balance of Nature’s channel mix generated: 

Display Programmatic: Overall, the programmatic efforts for Balance of Nature led to: 

Balance of Nature

“(Agital) is a partner in every sense of the word. The thoughtful, cross-channel strategies they’ve crafted and implemented on our behalf have achieved our audience expansion and revenue growth goals, and have positioned us well to continue scaling our reach and influence in the market.”

Director of Digital Media, Balance of Nature 

Holistic health, for their customers and their marketing.

Through its partnership with Agital, Balance of Nature was able to dramatically increase its reach and connect with new audiences. Our team was also able to grow overall revenue while significantly reducing cost per acquisition (CPA) across all channels.

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Whatever marketing challenges you’re facing, Agital makes a profound impact that reverberates across your business. 

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