Rebranding a Large Federal Bank With Style | An Agital Case Study
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Arizona Financial Credit Union

For over 8 decades, Arizona Federal (now Arizona Financial Credit Union) has served the Valley by delivering financial services and care to its members and the community at large. With newly expanded service offerings under their belt for 2020, Arizona Federal felt it was time to review their brand from a holistic standpoint.

We collaborated with Arizona Federal on a brand development and campaign launch coinciding with their acquisition of Pinnacle Bank. With work expected to launch in 2020, we can’t wait to spread the word about their expanded service offerings and stellar reputation.

Lead With Listening

Our collaboration began with an extensive digital survey we conducted among hundreds of internal and external stakeholders regarding brand perceptions and experiences. These results helped us to gradually shape the core brand values and the ultimate set of guidelines we created.

Bank on, Arizona

The important values we found held among stakeholders were a sense of trust, service, expertise, and a strong bond between the organization and the Arizona community at large. When it came to design, we decided to reflect that strong Arizona heritage and pride. Copy-wise, we focused on members achieving their dreams. After all, it’s not about getting a member an auto loan, it’s about getting a member into their dream car.

Let’s Take Over the Valley

Once our research phase was complete, we moved into the development of the brand platform, creating brand standards, voice + tone guidelines, logo design, color palette, taglines, and more. In addition, branch locations received updated business cards, letterheads, name tags, and badges, as well as large banner displays.


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