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Avnet Xilinx

Some of the most amazing things come in tiny packages. Avnet and Xilinx know this better than anyone, which is why they reached out to us to help promote some of the fastest (and smallest) microprocessors on the market. Their technology helps create high-end applications for the healthcare, cellular, automotive, and military industries.

Avnet called on us to help to drive marketing qualified leads (MQLs) for each of their Xilinx products.

The MIPI Sensor Fusion/Spartan 7 line is used in beamforming, phased array radars, and self-driving vehicles. Their medical imaging solutions help surgeons perform life-saving surgeries. Their RFSoC is the only single-chip adaptable radio platform, used in developing 5G applications. Finally, Xilinx-based System-on-a-Module (SOM) products provide solutions for video surveillance, automated driver assistance, factory automation, and more.

Flexible solutions for tomorrow’s needs.

The core goal of our MIPI campaign was to increase conversions, both for MQLs and purchases for their Spartan-7 FPGA Evaluation Kit. Working closely with the Avnet team, we devised a campaign that would include a series of display ads strategically placed in popular online trade publications, LinkedIn ads, retargeting ads, paid search, an email nurture campaign, and a new landing page for their Spartan-7 FPGA Evaluation Kit.

Promoting technology that saves lives.

The approach to Avnet’s Medical campaign involved increasing MQLs and driving downloads to gated content and views to educational videos. Our approach included programmatic and native display ads placed in relevant trade publications.

Our strategy also included a series of LinkedIn, retargeting, email nurture campaigns, and paid search ads. Finally, our team of designers and content creators produced a video showcasing the potential of AI within the healthcare industry.

Systems that fit in the palm of your hand.

Both our RFSoC and SOM campaigns are currently running. To generate MQLs, both campaigns provided resources teaching audiences how to use their products to create target applications. They included landing page updates, email nurture campaigns, LinkedIn ads, paid search, and various native and display ads placed in relevant trade publications.

In addition to everything listed above, the RFSoC campaign also included a chance to win a free evaluation board to further drive leads.

The Results

Both our RFSoC and SOM are still running and performing well. However, our MIPI and Medical campaigns delivered big results for Avnet.


  • 1.9M Overall Impressions
  • 60,337 Page Visits
  • 60k Unique Visitors
  • 33 MQLs


  • 5.9M Impressions
  • 17,094 Page Visits
  • 16,708 Unique Visitors
  • 131 Webinar Attendees
  • 44 MQLs

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