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Paid Search for Ecommerce

Leverage paid search advertising to achieve your revenue, sales, and return on ad spend goals. Our team of experts will utilize a full-funnel approach that drives qualified visitors to your site and converts them into buyers. Whether you’re an enterprise-level B2B brand or a small B2C online store, we have the expertise and experience to deliver results.

  • 129%

    Boost in targeted keyword coverage on day 1 for HP.

  • 40%

    Increase in RoAS on paid search for Jelly Belly.

  • 305%

    Increase in revenue from paid search ads for Cailini Coastal.

Establish Visibility

Build recognition for your brand and products by targeting key placements and non-brand keywords.

Drive Sales

Drive onsite conversions through optimizations to your keywords, search terms, placements, and more.

Get Them to Buy Again

Remarket to converted users, pushing them to become repeat purchasers and brand enthusiasts.

  • SEARCH Find the results you’re looking for.

    Target relevant keywords and search terms to achieve your goals with search campaigns. Whether you’re trying to maintain visibility for your brand or drive new users to your site through non-branded keywords, search is an essential part of your digital marketing strategy.

  • PERFORMANCE MAX Take it to the max!

    Increase product visibility and maximize ecommerce goals with a product ads strategy leveraging the latest innovations in campaign management. Performance Max uses a mix of ad types including text, shopping, display, and video. Let our experts take the wheel and help steer these ad types to the right user at the right time.

  • SHOPPING Add to cart & repeat.

    Standard shopping campaigns are our forte. Our team of experts knows these inside and out, and our proprietary funneling tactics allow us to show product ads for specific searches in a campaign type that doesn’t allow for keyword bidding. Our experts understand how to navigate this area of manual campaign types and can devise a strategy that pairs with Performance Max campaigns.

  • VIDEO Products in motion.

    Video campaigns are an essential part to driving a full-funnel marketing strategy. Use highly visual, compelling video ads to drive awareness for prospecting audiences, drive traffic from in-market audiences, and drive sales from remarketing audiences.

  • DISPLAY & DISCOVERY Display like you mean it.

    Discovery and display campaigns are one of the strongest ways to get eyes on your brand’s strongest value props. Utilize the variety of ad formats and creative possibility to achieve your awareness and revenue goals.

Transform Your Marketing With Agital Impact™

Agital Impact gives you capabilities like media mix modeling and customer lifetime value predictions. Steer through the marketing landscape with unmatched insight and agility.

Enable users to find your brand through placements on search networks like Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo. A full-funnel strategy with paid search will expand your brand’s visibility, capture demand, and convert users, all while hitting your goals.

  • $250M+

    Managed in annual paid search spend across clients.

  • 102%

    YoY increase in conversion rates for Salt River Project.

Prioritize Precision

Leverage advanced targeting to increase visibility and brand awareness in relevant audiences.

Conquer the SERP

Build campaign structures with high-value ad placements that focus your budget on real prospects.

Maximize Conversions

Understand your audience’s behavior to optimize keywords, placements, creative, and more.

  • AUDIT PAST STRATEGIES Learn from the past.

    Building an effective paid search strategy requires understanding your past successes and shortfalls—and those of your competitors—because it provides insight into your specific audience’s behavior. Our team will run a comprehensive audit of your campaigns using both industry-leading analysis tools and a manual review and assessment to identify gaps and opportunities within your existing structures.
  • STRATEGIZE & BUILD Build a winning strategy.

    A robust strategy needs the right campaign structure to succeed. Our approach is grounded in creating a seamless user experience and bidding on terms that support a rewarding user journey. We structure search campaigns by identifying your ideal audience, understanding their search behavior, and focusing on keywords that match their behavior and support the user journey.
  • OPTIMIZATION ABC: always be converting.

    After the account is up and running, our team will continually optimize your keywords, copy, product feed, and other factors to best achieve your goals. We believe that testing is essential for discovering new opportunities for greater success.
  • TRACKING & REPORTING Celebrate your success!

    Our team will work closely with your points of contact, providing up-to-date results on the progress of your paid search campaigns. Through ongoing dialogue, we’ll share the progress of your campaigns and continually identify ways to test, optimize, and scale.

Take Performance to the Next Level

High-performing product ads.

Maximize product visibility, allow the campaigns to bid strategically on specific searches, and optimize your product data to maximize search relevancy and increase conversion rate.


How HP Boosted Its Paid Search Term Coverage by 129% in One Day

Through a novel approach to paid search and a custom product data strategy, we improved the overall coverage of HP’s paid search terms and dramatically increased their paid and product ad performance.

Maximize Your Google Ads Performance

Boost your performance with our Google Ads Scorecard. Track, analyze, and optimize your performance at a glance and over time.

Advance your goals with holistic marketing.


Find all the answers to your burning paid search questions. Want more information? Reach out today!

While a robust, organic SEO strategy can enhance your reach, paid search is vital in capturing keywords that you don’t organically rank for. Paid ads can also help you tap into both existing and new audiences that are most likely to convert. Paid search ads are placed at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs), where your brand will have the most visibility. Some other benefits to paid search include:

  • Ranking for different-than-organic keywords and for intent
  • Ability to nurture audiences through any stage of the funnel
  • Opportunity to target competitor terms

As Google and Microsoft Advertising roll out new features, our cutting-edge developers actively work to update our dashboards so you have the latest insights in your reports. We typically report on KPIs like impressions, click-through rate, bounce rate, and other metrics that allow us to evaluate the efficacy of campaigns. With customized reporting and access to real-time data, we can build a report that fits your needs and goals.

Paid search should not replace SEO. Instead, they should work in tandem to identify the most significant opportunities for each and work in concert together.

Performance Max serves ads on multiple surfaces beyond traditional shopping ads, including text, display, video, and discovery. Asset groups contain images, videos, text, and extension callouts, and the assets needed vary by your goals, product and service offerings, and budget. We will advise you on best practices and can create assets.

We measure performance both holistically and at the channel-level. For channel-level performance measurement, we use as much of your product-level margin data as possible, then consider our management fees and your ad spend to make our optimization decisions. This allows for true ROI-based management.

In terms of holistic performance, we use the advanced modeling and forecasting features of our proprietary technology Agital Impact, to assess how each channel in our clients’ channel mix contributes to their overarching business goals.


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Case Study
  • Human Rights Campaign

    Human Rights Campaign

    Human Rights Campaign trusts Agital’s REQ for advertising after driving 1,000%+ return on ad spend (ROAS) on Google Search, 703% ROAS on Meta, and more.

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