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Turn up the volume on your brand

Advance your organization’s reputation with premium public relations services done by an in-house team. We tap into your organizational needs and become the front line for increasing your brand’s public awareness and affinity, while working in tandem with your paid and other marketing efforts. In short, we tell the story of what makes you awesome, while you sit back and profit.

Let your brand story shine

We’ve got your back and will celebrate your wins, publicly.

Build positive sentiment

Advance your brand awareness and boost public sentiment so everyone knows you’re a brand they can trust. We work with you to identify core goals and key messages so we hit the mark every single time.

Create connections

Our multi-faceted approach agitates the market so it has no choice but to put a positive spotlight on your brand that engages your audiences. We develop key thematic pillars and an editorial calendar so no message goes unsaid or unheard.

Wear your story
on your sleeve

It’s not about spin. It’s about telling your story. From media relations to crisis communications, community engagement to special events, our public relations pros know a thing or two about broadcasting a message.

Crisis management

No one is immune to a crisis and we can help you prepare for and work through crises as they arise. The main goal of crisis communications is to protect your brand’s reputation. We engage with the media and the public on your behalf in an open way to provide accurate information about what’s happening. Our team can help you get to the other side of any unfortunate event.

Influencer marketing

Over half of consumers trust influencers’ recommendations. Don’t miss out on earning their trust too. Our PR services include managing every aspect of influencer marketing so you don’t have to worry about finding the right person, writing their scripts, communicating with their team, and handling payment. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy their content and the exposure you get with their earned audiences.

Social media

Social media is the conduit for building a brand community and connecting with audiences that were previously out of reach. Our social media and PR teams work hand-in-hand to understand your target audience, reach your goals, and broadcast your message all over the world to engage with your audiences,  influencers, journalists, other brands.

120+ media hits in under a week

Agital was drafted to the Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee to develop brand elements while simultaneously planning the press conference for the launch.

Advance your goals with holistic marketing support and strategy.


Explore our FAQs to find all of your answers to your PR questions. Want more information? Reach out today!

While other marketing campaigns like paid search and social media can be great at engaging with current audiences and finding new leads, they’re not always effective in creating brand awareness, sharing critical brand-related or industry news, or connecting with a broad audience. What sets public relations apart from advertising is that public relations is considered earned media, not paid. This means your money can go further with PR, especially if it’s paired with other marketing strategies. PR can be a complement to round out your other marketing efforts or it can a standalone service, depending on your needs and goals.

By understanding your brand and through an analysis of your core goals, our team develops a media distribution list to ensure your message is going to the right audiences and readers. To do this, we leverage existing media relationships while building new ones based of individual stories and focal points. From there we craft impactful pitches to get their attention and provide them the resources to produce an effective story.

Yes! We do influencer marketing in our sleep. Everything from vetting and contracts to creative concepting and tracking the results — we manage it all.

Yes! Everything we do is created by our PR team. This includes content writing for scripts, social media posts, and press releases, and any design assets that go along with them. And to keep ahead of the changing media landscape, our team can also provide photography and video services to capture impactful assets to accompany your press release.

Success is measured through multiple data points, such as engagement, click-through-rate, open rate, lead scoring, and more. We provide you with an in-depth report of all of your campaigns on a monthly or quarterly basis.


With all our expertise, we’ve got some insights and we like to share them.

Case Study
  • State of Arizona

    State of Arizona

    In July 2020, the office of the AZ Governor invited agencies across the Valley to craft a statewide COVID-19 public health campaign.

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