Blue Waters Makes Waves: 125% Growth in TikTok Shop Revenue
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increase in purchase rate month-over-month (MoM).

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decrease in cost per purchase MoM.

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total revenue increase in 2 quarters.

Blue Waters

Blue Waters is a fashion reseller that has been in business for over six years, curating an all-inclusive-sized women’s catalog featuring apparel, accessories, and gifts at competitive pricing. They specialize in fashion that incorporates style and value.  

The Blue Waters team is an exciting and bright group, always looking to host a good time with their audience and friends. They’ve kept their authentic approach and built strong connections with their community, ensuring a large portion of their sustainability is driven by constant community activation.  


Apparel & Accessories



Marketing Mix

Meta & TikTok Ads 

The Challenges

  • Revitalize organic reach and impressions on TikTok. 
  • Adapt to changes in TikTok’s algorithm and platform preferences. 
  • Fortify community activation and new customer acquisition through Meta and TikTok. 

The Solution

Prior to working with Agital, Blue Waters was already a great success story for the founders—Shannon and Guy Drinkwater, partners in both business and marriage. They had been successful in growing and sustaining an engaged audience, and were now looking for opportunities to revitalize their presence and reach new customers on TikTok and Meta. 

We launched TikTok Shops ad support for Blue Waters in March of 2023 and began testing single-product focused creatives to help connect their shop catalog to their TikTok feed.  

We established a strong foundation with lower cost per acquisition (CPA) by ensuring profitable acquisition costs, extending their reach, and sustaining higher retention goals. Agital also provided support in the form of creative assets and product distribution choices (content formats and messaging). 

The growth continued for Blue Waters, fueled by a viral video and continued short-form, product-focused videos, maximizing their momentum month-over-month (MoM) and scaling into the summer. After the strong foundation was achieved, we were able to expand to incorporate Shop campaigns focused on retargeting segments, leveraging real-time live boosting and beta-testing TikTok’s Product Shopping Ads feature to drive additional growth to the account by year’s end. 

“Agital has been great at giving us guidance on the formats our customers engage with, extending our reach, and growing our new customer following, plus getting them to continuously return and purchase more. They’ve helped in our creative journey, pushing us beyond what we thought TikToks’ potential could be, posting on our behalf, and strategizing content funnels that proved to be worth our investment in the platform.” 

Shannon Drinkwater
Founder, Blue Waters 

The Results

After acclimating the client to the platform during Q2, we saw results begin to stabilize by the end of May, continuing to leverage single product creative focused on demonstrative, short-length content highlighting the focus product in context. 

Growth expanded with a viral video being incorporated into the ad account by mid-June! Blue Waters’ purchase rate increased by 87% and their cost per purchase decreased by 72% by the end of June compared to the beginning of the month.  

With audiences identified and momentum established within the account, we scaled going into the summer, contributing to a 125% increase in attributed gross revenue for TikTok Shop month-over-month (MoM) for July and ending the summer with six figures in ad-attributed revenue. The strong foundation we helped Blue Waters achieve allowed us to expand to incorporate retargeting Shop campaigns, real-time live boosting, and beta-testing TikTok’s Product Shopping Ads feature to drive additional growth.  

Blue Waters has grown to become a recognized brand on TikTok and established a strong reputation, not only with their existing customer base but with the TikTok platform as a formidable brand to keep fueling with support and attention. They learned, applied, and accomplished what other brands take months and years to accomplish in only a matter of months, raising their revenue up by 30-40% in only two quarters of the year! 

“Agital provided solutions for live selling and continuously activating our community, enticing new customers to not only find our app but also find opportunities to grow our relationships with them… With TikTok, we’ve built relationships that have allowed us to continue to grow beyond our current business model, giving us room for experimenting alternative revenue streams in formats relevant to live selling, but at scale to competitor platform models!”  

Guy Drinkwater
Founder, Blue Waters 

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