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Purdue University

Daniels School of Business (formerly Krannert School of Management) at Purdue University is among the top MBA schools in the nation, offering graduate degrees in nearly all areas of business as well as a full range of program options to fit with the needs of modern-day professionals.

We first partnered with Purdue in 2014 to create a more robust and targeted lead generation strategy for MBA programs. Our strategy included social media, paid search, display, and email.

Embracing new methods of engagement.

After discussing their objectives and auditing their website and outreach programs, we proposed a customized campaign incorporating social media, paid search, display, and email campaign strategy, all to boost leads while reducing cost-per-conversion.

In January 2014, we launched our initial project with a series of campaigns for the One-Year MBA for STEM Professionals program. When we saw the campaigns gain traction, we quickly began work on the Weekend and Full-Time MBA programs, communicating the unique value that these programs hold for non-traditional students and part-time workers.

Earning degrees the Agital way.

Our comprehensive strategy helped to drive potential students into conversion-focused landing pages and microsite pages, significantly increasing the number and quality of leads while decreasing overall cost-per-lead. Within a year, we were awarded another contract to take on additional Master’s and Executive Education programs.

Over the past 10 years, we have worked closely with the Purdue Daniels team to innovate and optimize lead generation efforts across the full graduate portfolio as it has grown.

Evolving challenges require refreshed solutions.

As all universities know, success of a portfolio of programs is about much more than just leads in the door. Alignment of marketing, recruiting, and admissions is pivotal for maximum impact—and when one piece of the puzzle is out of line, recalibration is required.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, Purdue saw a significant drop-off in applications to Purdue Daniels Graduate programs, so they came to Agital to investigate what roadblocks were occurring for students during their application process. The goal and purpose of this strategic research initiative was to provide insights on how to improve the application completion rate for the Daniels School of Business through qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Insights empower ongoing improvement.

In 2023, Agital embarked on an in-depth research project that combined quantitative and qualitative data-gathering methods such as surveys, stakeholder interviews, focus groups, research, and a cross-platform experience audit to find ways we could improve students’ experience with the brand. The goal was to offer recommendations for a more seamless application process across programs.

Our research findings gave us a strong understanding of Purdue’s audiences and their unique journeys throughout the graduate degree research, application, and enrollment process. We leveraged this data to validate hypotheses around application abandonment and create a priority list of actions to remedy the most impactful issues.

While research and planning are just the beginning, we continue to work hand-in-glove with the Purdue Daniels team to apply project findings to existing campaigns, restructuring our approach to messaging and media as a whole to better fit the unique audience expectations, pain points, and experience.

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