True Food Kitchen Creative Branding | An Agital Case Study
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True Food Kitchen

True Food Kitchen was founded by the renowned doctor of integrative medicine, Dr. Andrew Weil. Its mission? To provide a menu of locally sourced offerings that improve health and enhance mood.

True Food Kitchen came to us to promote their Fall/Winter seasonal menu. With a creative and colorful food and beverage menu, we needed to capture the attention of current guests and potential customers who had never experienced True Food Kitchen. The campaign would aim to improve a few key performance indicators (KPIs).

Make Them Hungry for More

True Food Kitchen was looking for a way to engage both new and returning customers. Through an in-depth differentiation mapping exercise, we helped True Food Kitchen better prioritize distinct messaging themes for each of their existing persona groups. Through an optimized digital ad campaign, True Food Kitchen could better communicate their witty personality and passion for better living through their unique menu.

Fall Made Even Better

Our creative team brainstormed new ways to freshen up True Food Kitchen’s fall imagery and messaging. Our goal was to reinforce their optimistic messaging with exciting imagery showcasing their fresh and crave-able menu. Their fall menu included a bounty of superfoods that help bolster health and spirit. Our campaign framed True Food Kitchen as a place where the community could not only eat better – but feel better.

Capturing the Colors of Fall

With a menu full of fall staples, like butternut squash, brussels sprouts, pomegranates, and pears, the True Food menu gave us a vibrant palette of greens, reds, purples, and oranges to work with. Our design team conducted a day-long photoshoot to highlight their newest fall items, including their butternut squash pizza, Truffle Honey Pear Flatbread, and Passion Fruit Margarita.

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