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Analytics & reporting

Pulling together numbers is easy. Drawing something meaningful out of them is the challenge. We decode your data and discover the how and why behind the numbers to help you craft strategies designed to convert and make a true impact on your bottom line. Our digital marketing reports give you a clear view into past and current performance, informed by metrics like impressions, click-through rates, spend, revenue, conversions, return on investment, customer lifetime value, and much more.

Turn data into insight

Within the noise of numbers lies the reality of your performance.

Advance your ambition

Set your sights higher than you thought possible with data-informed recommendations that elevate your strategy and boost your conversion potential.

Decipher your data

Our reporting is powered by our proprietary, best-of-breed tech that turns your performance, attribution, and ecommerce data into actionable insights that inform your business goals.

Amplify your success

Know exactly what is driving performance and how to continuously improve it based on quantifiable metrics, KPIs, and expert analysis.

  • MEASUREMENT STRATEGY Strategies…that are strategic

    Stop throwing ideas at a wall and hoping they stick. We combine creative concepts with hard data to forge a strategy that is built for your success. We don’t stop there — our strategies are agile, designed to outsmart challenges and maximize your results, no matter what challenges or opportunities arise. Our reporting is customized to your goals, whether that’s by channel, by campaign, by comparative RoAS, by opportunity for improvement, or all of the above.

  • IMPLEMENTATION Building brick by brick

    Whether it’s paid search, social media, SEO, email, or SMS programs, we’ve got the tools and technology to transform your marketing tactic into an integrated strategy. We’ll get down to the core of your goals, setting up all tracking UTMs, forms, and reporting tools necessary to ensure no detail slips through the cracks. Our robust automation software handles the heavy lifting, so you can rest easy knowing nothing is overlooked.

  • BENCHMARKING Adapt and overcome

    Success is a marathon, not a sprint. We’re in this for the long haul, constantly comparing your performance against competitors and analyzing your spend and return on investment. Using our proprietary tools, we identify more efficient paths for your growth and provide real-time adjustments for optimal results. This continual benchmarking offers an in-depth understanding of your business dynamics, highlighting areas of potential and guiding you to the victory lap.

  • REPORTING & INSIGHTS Big ideas in bite-sized packages

    We transform your data into easy-to-follow recommendations and insights. Want to know your month-over-month performance? You got it! Year-over-year comparisons? Child’s play. Predictable seasonal forecasting and trend data? We can do that in our sleep. We track and interpret everything from clicks and impressions to ROI, and conversions. With Agital Impact™ visualization tools, your insights are always at your fingertips, easy to find and easier to understand.

Navigating the customer journey

Craft experiences that truly resonate

Create a memorable experience that’s tailored specifically to your customers. From their initial brush with your brand to the triumphant moment of conversion, every interaction matters. We meticulously track every twist and turn in the customer journey to identify areas of opportunity and make the path to conversion more efficient.

Crafting clarity through comprehensive insights

  • Channel performance

    Dive deep into the holistic trends of each channel. Our dashboards are meticulously designed with filters and visuals, from charts to tables, allowing you to discern performance by channel, campaign, and more.

    Channels: Holistic, Organic Search, Product Ads, Paid Search, Social (separate Meta, Pinterest, TikTok reports), Amazon, Email, SMS

  • Product performance & product insights

    Master the nuances of every product. Discover performance intricacies based on product availablility, feed label, and brand.

    Channels: Product Ads (separate reports for Google & Bing), Amazon

  • Search term performance & insights

    Unlock the power of keyword analysis. We break down performance at teh keyword level and further segment by ad type and search term category – from brand-centric to discovery and beyond.

    Channels: Google, Bing, Amazon

  • Organic search

    Identify the message in every query. Our analysis dives into branded vs. non-branded search queries, offering insights segmented by location and page type.

  • Landing page performance & insights

    Harness dual data from Google Analytics and Google Ads. We detail landing page metrics, segmented by page type, ad presence, conversions, traffic, and content optimization.

  • Marketing activities

    See the bigger picture of your marketing journey. Track comprehensive performance across every pivotal stage of the funnel – from initial Awareness to ultimate Advocacy.

  • Holistic trends

    Chart your website’s overall evolution. Track the dynamic growth rates of sessions, conversions, and revenue over time, providing a snapshot of your website’s pulse.

  • Amazon marketing intelligence

    Navigate the Amazon ecosystem with precision. Our cutting edge reporting examines your brand’s presence, decoding shopper behaviors, competitor strategies, and marketing trends. Command your niche and make every decision a calculated masterstroke.

  • Media mix modeling

    Predict the future of your campaigns. Our reports provide a lens into the immediate and long-term effects of reallocating your ad spend across various channels.

  • Customer lifetime value

    Decipher your audience’s journey. Quantify the growth trajectory of current, new, and future customers to guide your budgeting and strategic investments.

Harnessing the data chaos

Track progress toward goals

Your goals aren’t random. Your data shouldn’t be either. Whether your goals are about a specific campaign’s performance or you’d like to build overall brand awareness, tracking is imperative. We plan, build, and implement tracking across multiple channels, including GA4 and UTMs, to transform data from numbers and noise into insights and actions. With Agital Impact™, this data is always available to you through engaging visuals and in-depth insights.

Fashion industry

How media mix modeling helped drive a 40% sales growth

Learn how a fashion retailer effectively reallocated their budget to grow revenue without increasing spend.

Advance your goals with holistic marketing support and strategy.


Explore our FAQs to find all of your answers to your reporting and analytics questions. Want more information? Reach out today!

The short answer: everything. The long answer: historic and current clicks, impressions, click-through rates, spend, revenue, conversions, user behavior, customer lifetime value, and organic metrics like rankings, traffic, impressions, and so much more. Our proprietary platform Agital Impact allows you to consolidate reporting across all your marketing channels in a single, user-friendly location, enabling you to track everything from performance and ad spend to return on ad spend and total advertising cost of sale, and much more.

Success is defined by the campaign and set by you.

For example, paid media success can mean higher conversion rate, better ROI, reduced ad spend, an increase in high-quality leads and more. A successful organic media campaign could mean more clicks, impressions, holding and growing high-ranking non-branded positions on search engines, great technical health and page load speed, and more.

No matter the ask, we work diligently to hit your KPIs and advance your overall business goals.

Yes. From awareness to conversion, we track every moment in the customer journey, every channel it touches, and every device it’s experienced on, to provide you with the best opportunity to optimize it.

How? We use a variety of tools and our proprietary technology Agital Impact to measure success and provide transparent, up-to-date reporting.

While building accounts through automation is quick and creates large accounts, creating tens-of-thousands of ad groups does not mean good performance. In fact, it bloats accounts—often with poor results. We take the time to learn your business, so we can focus on building campaigns that attract the most customers likely to convert.

Yes. We implement A/B testing for a majority of our campaigns to ensure you’re getting the best possible results.


With all our expertise, we’ve got some insights and we like to share them.

Case Study
  • Human Rights Campaign

    Human Rights Campaign

    Human Rights Campaign trusts Agital’s REQ for advertising after driving 1,000%+ return on ad spend (ROAS) on Google Search, 703% ROAS on Meta, and more.

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