Shop Peoria: How Local Businesses Skyrocket Reach | Case Study
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Clicks through paid search from Peoria & surrounding residents.

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Business visits influenced via programmatic ads.

Shop Peoria

Shop Peoria

Over the course of the pandemic, Americans drastically shifted the way they shopped. The City of Peoria, AZ wanted to understand how these trends were impacting local shoppers.

Through that research, they sought to create a campaign that would tell a compelling story around Peoria’s local businesses. The city sought Agital‘s help to provide in-depth market data and create a strong, story-driven campaign that would entice people to shop within this diverse community.

Through a series of stakeholder interviews, community surveys, and brand auditing, we got to work creating a multifaceted campaign to drive interest in local shopping. These initiatives included paid search, retargeting, paid social, direct mail, and offline media through local publications and Out of Home billboards. Through our proprietary analytics suite, Monocle, we provided up-to-date metrics and insights to help navigate the campaign’s success.

Enhancing reach & engagement throughout the community.

Digital made up the largest part of our campaign. This included paid search, retargeting, programmatic, and direct email campaigns targeting Peoria residents and those living in surrounding zip codes.

Our paid search and retargeting campaigns would target online searchers seeking local shopping, restaurants and dining, malls, small and family-owned businesses, and upcoming Black Friday shopping.

Programmatic display ads were placed across devices targeting custom audience segments. While custom segments come at an increased cost, it was necessary to provide a higher level of granular targeting and tracking.

Finally, we produced custom emails sent out to Peoria and surrounding residents across three distinct proto personas.

Taking things offline.

We also provided a sweeping print and Out of Home campaign that targeted readers throughout Peoria. We developed a series of zoned prints ads mailed out three times a week. Ads were also published in the top-performing local publications like the AZ Republic, Peoria Independent, and Peoria Times.

Our Out of Home campaign focused on spreading our message throughout Peoria’s transit shelters. Transit board ads were placed around eight locations throughout Peoria and ran for eight weeks.

The Results

Between November 25 and March 31, we were able to drive over 17 million impressions across offline and online media channels.

Paid search performed the strongest, with total ad clicks increasing every month from the launch date. Overall, the campaign drove 2,874 clicks from Peoria and surrounding residents.

Programmatic Ads

Programmatic ads also provided continuous growth month after month, influencing nearly 85 thousand business visits in Peoria.

Offline Media

Offline media initiatives were a challenge to track. However, direct traffic to Peoria’s landing page accounted for 10.08% of all traffic sessions, indicating Offline Media’s overall impact.

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