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Boost in targeted keyword coverage on day one.

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Improvement in hardware term coverage.

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Discover how Agital helped one of the largest global technology companies, HP, increase their market share in Canada.

Hewlett-Packard Canada is a division of one of the leading technology companies in the world. They boast a massive product and service portfolio spanning personal systems, printers, and 3D printing solutions, serving various sectors across businesses big and small.




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Marketing Mix

Paid Search, Product Ads, Feeds

The How

The Agital team crafted a novel approach to support and expand HP’s paid search efforts. The approach, utilizing custom product data strategy and smart campaign structure, immediately improved the overall coverage of HP Canada’s paid search terms, and dramatically increased their ads’ performance. 

The Challenges

  • Increase HP’s market share for ink and toner cartridges through paid media channels.
  • Improve coverage for select paid search terms.
  • Secure top search term placements for their product ads.

The Solution

Transforming product ad campaigns from black and white to full color.

Despite HP’s long-standing success in the technology industry, their products were consistently pushed out of the top spots of Google’s Product ads. The Agital team understood this issue all too well. It’s difficult for any company to maintain top placement as Google’s algorithms, user search behavior, and competitor strategies evolve.

Complicating matters further, Google only allows you to bid on the product level, not the search term level, and all search terms related to one product receive the same bid. Plus, increasing bids doesn’t impact search relevance, which can mean a decline in return on ad spend (RoAS). These factors combined make it difficult to ensure the right products are shown in search results.  

To overcome these challenges, Agital developed a robust new data strategy and combined it with a unique campaign structure. We first reworked HP’s product feeds and included content that better aligned with HP’s paid keyword targets. We also made data-informed optimizations to their feeds with the insights gleaned from our proprietary technology.

This approach allowed HP’s product ads to appear in more searches, boosting their coverage and increasing their overall visibility. This strategy worked exceptionally well and had a seismic impact not only within the first few months, but immediately; on day 1 of going live with the new campaign structure, HP more than doubled its targeted keyword coverage—from 35% to 80%


“Understanding and managing the complex world of Google ads is no easy task, but (Agital’s) team has an exceptional understanding of the technology and data strategies required to move the needle on our paid media efforts. They were vital in enhancing the performance of both our search and product ads.”

North America Paid Search Lead, HP 

The Results

Blotting out the competition.

By delivering reliable paid search and product ad support, the Agital team was able to dramatically move the needle on its coverage goals and significantly boost HP’s paid search visibility: 


“We partnered with (Agital) to solve a problem with our paid search visibility on Google. Their unique approach and out of-the-box thinking led to significant improvement on Day 1, and within weeks we were hitting all of our goals. This kind of results with that type of speed made an immediate impact on our business.” 

North America Paid Search Lead, HP 

Support that never fades.

Upon seeing HP Canada’s success, HP tasked Agital with developing a paid search playbook that, to-date, guides HP’s paid search strategy across all of its teams in the US, UK, EU, and more. 

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