Inspiring Community Participation in AZ | A Case Study by Agital
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Week campaign running across the state.


Investment from the Governor’s office.


Impressions generated.


Local agencies working together.

Combatting COVID-19

In mid-July 2020, the office of Arizona Governor Doug Ducey invited several agencies across the Valley to come together in crafting a statewide COVID-19 public health campaign. We are honored to have been a part of this hand-selected group focused on slowing the spread of COVID-19 in Arizona.

We were invited by the Office of the Arizona Governor Doug Ducey to take part in a one-of-a-kind collaboration between a group of hand-selected local agencies in crafting a state-wide public health campaign encouraging residents to follow CDC guidelines and reduce the spread of COVID-19 through masking and social distancing.

What We Were Faced With

To reach the broad, statewide audience, we created the “It’s What We’re Faced With” campaign—carefully designed to be complete enough to stand on its own, but flexible enough to accommodate changing needs and diverse audiences. By emphasizing smiling faces and how your personality can still shine through your mask, we asked Arizonans not to look at CDC guidelines as a burden, but as simple tasks we can all take part in to “face” the COVID challenge together.

A healthy media mix helps reach more Arizonans.

Display and social ads were combined with OTT, local radio, and outdoor billboards to help spread awareness among both work-from-home and commuter audiences. Meanwhile, the Arizona Together Facebook page and website were set up to connect individuals and businesses with useful resources such as employment and financial assistance as well as with homeowner and renter’s support. Diverse imagery and Spanish iterations also helped connect our message to more audiences across the state.

Get ready for school, AZ.

As cases began declining into August, the state began asking schools to reopen in time for the fall semester. Updated messaging on the importance of preparing your kids for a safe experience in the classroom became the focal point of the next phase in the campaign. To help drive home the updated messaging in all of our campaign materials, we created an animated video with a specific focus on the back-to-school routine, encouraging everyone to keep up the good work.

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