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Increase in overall Amazon revenue.

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Increase in ad revenue.

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Improvement in Amazon advertising cost of sales (ACoS).

Cooking Gift Set Co.

How a popular cooking supply player maximized its seasonal revenue in Q4.

Cooking Gift Set sells cooking kits designed for gifting, with a wide selection of cooking kits specially themed with a specific dish in mind. Customers not only receive quality cookware, but also delicious recipes they can make at home. 


Gift Sets



Marketing Mix

SEO, Paid Search

The How

With most of Cooking Gift Set’s yearly advertising budget allocated towards November and December, their business naturally depends on Q4 sales. Cooking Gift Set came to Agital to test new strategies within their account to find the best campaign mix aimed at targeting Amazon shoppers during the holidays and spark year-over-year (YoY) revenue growth.

The Agital team focused on mid-to-lower funnel tactics aimed at Sponsored Products campaign, utilizing a robust keyword and product targeting strategy. 

The Challenges

  • Target users during the holiday (Q4).
  • Improve YoY revenue growth.
Cooking Gift Set Co.

“The holiday season is always the most crucial to our business. Agital really understood the unique needs of our company and was able to set the groundwork early, setting us up to get the maximum performance out of our organic search and paid search campaigns when we needed them the most.”

Cooking Gift Set Representative

The Solution

Tis the season for keyword targeting.

The Agital team devised a savvy keyword strategy to ensure the brand’s ads appeared in all relevant search terms. Throughout 2022, we conducted competitive and categorical research while testing across Amazon to determine which keywords we wanted to push.   

In 2021, Cooking Gift Set trusted Agital to take over their campaign management. This resulted in launching automatic campaigns that allowed Amazon to match our ads to specific shopping queries and products, focusing on one product per ad group.

Through the structure of these campaigns, our team was able to access a deeply granular level of reporting and visibility that showed us exactly how search terms related to products and where the traffic and interactions were coming from.   

Flash-forward to 2022. Our team analyzed the data from our 2021 campaigns to learn which terms drive the best performance. This led to a highly successful Q4, as we harvested all the top converting terms for each product into a separate campaign with their own budget, giving us more control over efficiency and scale. 

The Results

The Gifts That Keep On Giving

Plenty of products under the tree.

Additionally, we employed product targeting, which allows advertisers to target categories, brands, and individual Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs). Through this product targeting method, we expanded our reach and targeted our competitors’ customers on their product detail pages (PDPs).   

We knew from our past year’s data that individual ASIN targets produced strong conversion rates, which led us to allocate more spend behind this strategy. While we had focused on targeting similar ASINs that were nearly identical to the client’s products, data from our automatic campaigns suggested we would also likely see strong conversions from products in similar categories with a looser match. 

In October, we tested expanded product targeting for substitutes and loose-match ASINs, which allowed us to target preferred products and reach related products. The strategy broadened our reach and expanded our visibility and traffic, better-engaging buyers throughout their shopping journey.   

Through this approach, we were also able to develop a defensive strategy that targeted our own ASINs, allowing our products to show up in multiple placements across our PDPs. This tactic proved highly successful in increasing sales at an efficient ACoS. 

A few more stocking stuffers.

The Agital team also found success with a bid-by-placement strategy. The team would bid aggressively for top-of-search placement within the SERPs, a premium ad spot, to help increase awareness and above-the-fold visibility.  

The Results

  • 28% decrease in ad spend. 
  • 59% increase in conversions.
  • 56% increase in revenue.

*YoY results in December 2022. 

We Made the Season Bright

Overall, by testing new strategies in Q1, Q2, and Q3, we were able to build towards a successful (plus merry and bright) Q4. This allowed us to identify the right campaign mix and investment plan that focused on mid-to-lower funnel tactics. The plan resulted in unprecedented growth for Cooking Gift Set while surpassing efficiency goals. 

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