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Discover how a unique outdoor apparel company expanded their reach and connected with new audiences while increasing marketing efficiency.

To help Ruffwear tackle dwindling paid search traffic and increasing costs, Agital created and implemented a robust cross-channel strategy with SEO and social media at the center.

The goal was to boost site ranking and, consequently, organic traffic, by enhancing several of Ruffwear’s category pages and targeting high-quality social users who were most likely to engage with the brand.


Outdoor Pet Apparel



Marketing Mix

SEO, Paid Social

The How

Ruffwear is a beloved dog gear company, focused on making products that help pet owners include their 4-legged companions in all their human adventures— whether they’re taken on foot, on wheels, on water, or any other way!

The Challenges

  • Awareness: increase the brand’s online visibility and organic traffic
  • Reach: Target and engage new, high-converting audiences on social
  • Revenue: improve new customer acquisition and customer lifetime value

The Solution

Putting the lead on new keywords.

When Ruffwear noticed diminishing traffic and increasing costs from their paid search efforts, they called on Agital to create a smart strategy to drive more qualified users to their site at a more efficient cost. We obliged and developed an integrated approach rooted in SEO and smart social media targeting.

The first step of our initiative was to optimize organic search traffic to Ruffwear’s website. To get there, our strategic analysis identified the need for product-centered content and backlinking. Agital got to work and created content in a variety of formats—from blog posts to category and product pages—that allowed Ruffwear to target keywords they were not ranking for and ones their competitors had captured.

We then moved to improving the visibility of Ruffwear’s top category pages (such as dog harnesses, dog boots, etc.) by incorporating FAQ content and structured data into their site.

We also added other types of content, such as recipe articles and how-tos, to select pages, to help Google’s algorithms better understand the context of the on-page content and up their rankings. We then moved to building Ruffwear’s backlink strategy which helped increase their page authority and trustworthiness, earning the client’s site a coveted “Reputable” score.

Together, Agital’s smartly coordinated SEO tactics helped Ruffwear improve their website’s crawlability, enhanced keyword relevance, and significantly increased impressions, organic traffic, and revenue. 


“When Agital first came to us with the idea to supplement our paid search efforts with highly targeted SEO strategies, we were skeptical. Here we are six months later, and we’re believers. In just a short period, Agital’s team has increased our page 1 keyword rankings by 230% while our organic traffic has improved by 72%. We’re thrilled with these results.” 

Digital Marketing Director, Ruffwear 

Fetching new audiences.

While building up Ruffwear’s SEO strategy, Agital also set out to optimize the client’s social strategy and tapped into Meta as a new source of customer acquisition.

To achieve those goals, we narrowed audience targeting on Meta and introduced seasonal and personalized ads that catered to the users’ specific interests.

Featuring biking, running, paddleboarding, and hiking in Ruffwear’s ads and pairing them with an image of a dog using a product built for that activity yielded outstanding results, including an impressive 336% return on ad spend (RoAS).


In addition, Ruffwear’s paid social campaigns contributed to a lift in their organic traffic and a big 43% increase in their organic traffic conversion rate. This was due to Meta audiences who were served the ad searching for the brand outside of social and converting on the organic channel.


The Results

Ruffwear learns brand new tricks.

Year-over-year, Agital’s SEO strategy resulted in a big jump in organic search performance for Ruffwear:

At the same time, Ruffwear’s paid social performance proved to be a treat. Year-over-year, Meta drove:

 These results proved that a thoughtful cross-channel strategy can dramatically increase marketing efficiency, propel growth, and increase revenue, all while remaining within budget.

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