Cisco’s World in Motion | A Design Case Study by Agital
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The Cisco team had a story to tell about the rollout of their new and improved tools to make teamwork happen more intuitively across the digital space.

We crafted campaigns comprising a wide array of digital assets, including a fun video series, animated banner ads, and more, all centered around delighting, informing, and ultimately converting their target audience into buyers.

Get more done, in less time, on your terms.

What better way to promote Cisco’s full suite of small-business solutions than with an animated outer space theme park? After the world had mostly adjusted to the new work-from-home landscape, we wanted to portray a fun and interactive view of how Cisco helps its clients turn their dreams hands-off IT into reality.

For us, that meant less generic COVID messaging and more emphasis on the convenience, personalization, and reliability of the products. According to Cisco, we hit it out of the (amusement) park!

The matrix never sleeps—and neither does Cisco.

This spinoff of the classic movie, “The Matrix,” explores a multifaceted network that learns the online behavior of customers and adapts to it. By tying Cisco’s artificial intelligence back to a well-known film, Cisco’s sales team was encouraged to use the resources they already had to their advantage in order to better target customers through account-based marketing.

From Twitter and LinkedIn to landing pages and banner ads, the Matrix is always using data to watch, learn, and retarget.

Repurposed products with a past and a future.

The Cisco Webex Room Kit, created almost entirely from recycled products, aims to keep people connected while building a more sustainable world through technology.

Agital brought this idea to life—quite literally—by telling the eventful story of all its components, from plastic and metal to circuits and glass. With a front-row seat for this exciting journey, users can better understand the Room Kit’s purpose while considering the past, present, and future of the devices they rely on every day.

Great River Energy

Cisco wanted to bring a successful case study of their own to life. Enter Great River Energy (GRE), an electric power cooperative providing vital electricity across the frozen tundra of Minnesota and parts of Wisconsin. After interviews, scripting, storyboarding, and shot lists, we packed our bags for Minneapolis to film the GRE team in their element.

No one invests in your success like Cisco.

In a world increasingly reliant upon the collection and distillation of big data, data management is one of the most important investments a company can make. No one invests in your data center’s success like Cisco. We wanted to create a video that could showcase the depth and dedication of the Cisco team for helping businesses enhance their operations.

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