ADOT Travel ID | A Visibility Case Study by Agital
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ADOT Travel ID

The Arizona Department of Transportation has focused on supporting more online services to make license maintenance and registration quick and hassle-free. However, with an Arizona law requiring residents to update their license, they knew they would need an experienced partner to help quickly spread the word valley-wide.

Though we’ve worked with ADOT since 2017, we began work on the “Get the Gold Star” campaign beginning in 2019, helping to raise awareness and drive license updates through both digital and traditional means.

A Deadline on the Horizon

The Real ID Act is a nationwide TSA security change starting October 1, 2020, requiring a new Travel ID for domestic flights that meets updated federal requirements. For Arizona residents, that means having a gold star embedded on their driver’s license, or they can’t fly domestic! With a deadline looming to get more licenses issued, we quickly built the plan for a full-scale digital and traditional media takeover.

Out of the Office

Long lines. Documents. Tiny plastic cups for water. It’s tough to navigate around some of the preconceptions people have when you mention “Department of Transportation”.

That’s why we decided to go a different route, placing emphasis instead on the vaunted “Gold Star” requirement. After all, who doesn’t want to get a gold star? We made our gold star the star of the show with loads of digital and OOH placements prompting residents to sign up.

Forgetting something?

We also prepared a landing page for residents once they got the memo. With intuitive user flow, friendly and simple language, and direct links to the relevant documents/application portals, users can get their new license quick and hassle-free.

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What We Do for ADOT

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