How Sur La Table Skyrockets SEO Results for Its Learning Center
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Sur La Table

Sur La Table opened their doors in Seattle’s Pike Place Market in 1972 with a simple idea: “Make good food. Share it. Do it often.” Sur La Table meets customers at any level in their kitchen journey, fostering a passion for cooking with inspiring classes exploring global cuisine and techniques, such as knife skills, while also offering first-of-class, high-quality cooking tools from favorite brands like Le Creuset, All-Clad, and Breville, as well as Sur La Table’s own private label collection. 

With over 58 stores across America and the largest recreational cooking program in the US, Sur La Table set out to launch a brand-new learning center called Lid & Ladle. The goal was to increase brand awareness for Lid & Ladle and boost its SEO performance. 


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The How

A long-time leader in all things kitchen and home dining, Sur La Table brought plenty to the table (get it?) in terms of industry expertise. But the culinary and kitchenware niche is highly competitive, which made it challenging to rank for relevant keywords.  

To boost their SEO rankings, brand authority, and customer engagement, Sur La Table decided to launch a learning center on their site called Lid & Ladle. The Agital team provided Sur La Table with SEO-focused site recommendations for Lid & Ladle, as well as high-opportunity content topics based on keyword research.  

The Challenges

  • Overcome high competition in the culinary and kitchenware niche. 
  • Ensure strong content quality and consistency. 
  • Build authority for the new subdomain. 
  • Address and prevent technical SEO issues. 

The Solution

Agital activated a series of SEO-first content strategies for Sur La Table’s blog, Lid & Ladle: 

We set the stage for Lid & Ladle to maintain high standards of content quality and publishing consistency by helping to develop a content calendar featuring highly researched blog topics. The calendar incorporated seasonal topics, search trends, and priority categories with a focus on long-tail keywords, niche content, and strengthening brand identity. 

The Agital team recommended internal contextual links (content links pointing to related articles and topics) from existing content to new posts to leverage the authority of Sur La Table’s primary domain through backlinks. To minimize technical SEO issues related to site speed, crawlability, and schema markup, Agital recommended a number of SEO best practices and proposed a plan for regular website audits using tools like Google Search Console. 

Sur La Table

“Working with Agital has been as easy as it was essential to the SEO success of our learning center. The clarity of the team’s communication around keyword and topic selection gave us a solid understanding of the ‘why’ behind each strategic SEO recommendation. The results of working with Agital speak for themselves—but if they didn’t, we would trust their team to make the impact crystal clear.”

Rachel Frederick
VP & GM, Ecommerce, Sur La Table 

The Results

Sur La Table’s launch of Lid & Ladle was an unequivocal success, and the site’s performance has continued to increase steadily over time. 

In less than 12 months, the content center accounted for 4% of Sur La Table’s page 1 ranking keywords and over 1% of the Sur La Table site’s overall organic traffic, which is more than double the growth of similar brand sites in their first year. 

Sur La Table

“A 600% quarter-over-quarter increase in our page 1 keyword rankings is well beyond what we expected to see in the early days of launching our content center, but Agital made it happen. We wanted to outperform competing websites for SEO, but were blown away when we realized we more than doubled the organic traffic of similar sites. Would we recommend Agital for SEO? Absolutely, yes.”

Rachel Frederick
VP & GM, Ecommerce, Sur La Table 

Since launch, Agital has continued to provide Sur La Table with research for blog topics based on competitor insights, search trends, and low-competition keywords. We also share recommendations on content length and format, metadata optimization, and internal linking. 

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