ICU No Mask Campaign | An Agital Case Study
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Valleywise Health Battles COVID-19

With health care workers losing steam in the battle against COVID-19, Valleywise Health asked us to create a campaign that would encourage the community to fight the virus with medical workers – not against them. Through direct and assertive messaging, we implored everyone to take individual responsibility for their actions and follow safety protocols to stop the spread of the virus.

They see you

This campaign uses a double entendre to convey two important messages. The first: health care workers are tired. Every time you’re in public without a mask, this only creates more work for doctors and nurses. They see you, and through their tired eyes you can feel their exhaustion and frustration.

The second, and slightly darker meaning: ICU, as in “intensive care unit”. If you don’t do your part as an individual, it not only affects the community – but also puts your own life at risk. Follow the safety guidelines, and you will likely avoid hospitalization or death.

Spreading awareness to save lives

Deliverables for this campaign included display ads, social media posts, billboards, flyers, and more. Through a collective effort, we raised awareness on behalf of the Greater Phoenix Leadership Council and produced award-winning, impactful creative work with an important message.

Awards and recognition

2021 Communicator Awards – Excellence

Social Responsibility for Integrated Campaign

Healthcare Advertising Awards – Silver

COVID Marketing Campaign

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