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Salt River Project

Salt River Project (SRP) is a public power utility that provides electricity and water services to the greater Phoenix metropolitan area in Arizona. We helped SRP pave the way for future success in public engagement within the solar and renewables space.





Marketing Mix

Digital Advertising, Social Media, Direct Mail, Email Marketing, PR, Community Outreach Programs

The How

SRP sought our expertise to gain a comprehensive understanding of their position in the solar and renewables market and identify opportunities for growth. Through in-depth discussions and stakeholder interviews, we absorbed valuable insights into SRP’s past, current, and future initiatives in the renewables space, ensuring a solid foundation for our research. 

The Challenges

  • Better understand perceptions of SRP’s position within the solar and renewables market.
  • Push solar messaging, including earned media, social media, paid media, and influential groups impacting public perceptions. 

The Solution

Our meticulous approach involved auditing various communication channels utilized for solar messaging. We analyzed earned media mentions using sophisticated monitoring tools, comparing SRP’s coverage with their closest competitors. Moreover, we extended our research to neighboring regions, investigating solar and renewables providers in Southern California, Nevada, Texas, and Washington, to gauge audience visibility and perception. 

Delving into the realm of social media, we employed our proprietary tool to gain deep insights into solar and renewables discussions among state and regional utility providers. We examined activity levels, customer engagement, and the key influencers driving conversations. By scrutinizing social media posts, we identified successful engagement tactics, thematic trends, and effective positioning strategies.

We further assessed the paid media landscape, meticulously reviewing past campaigns of SRP’s competitors. Our analysis encompassed search and display campaigns, evaluating costs, competition, and keyword effectiveness. This comprehensive evaluation empowered us to provide strategic recommendations to SRP for optimizing their paid media efforts.   

In addition, we conducted a thorough audit of influencers in Arizona, identifying the voices shaping conversations around solar and renewables. This analysis included experts, media outlets, political figures, and public interest groups, providing SRP with an overview of media share and political alignment in the space. 

 We consolidated our research and audit findings, combining them with SRP’s internal audit to develop final recommendations. These recommendations were tailored to market trends, sentiment, and re-engagement strategies. The insights were presented through a comprehensive audit deck and a high-level presentation to key SRP stakeholders and public board members. 

Our integrated approach, supported by advanced technology and a data-driven methodology, proved instrumental in revealing the most useful insights from the research. Our partnership with SRP not only addressed the client’s need for a comprehensive understanding of the market but also paved the way for future success in public engagement within the solar and renewables space. 

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