Valleywise Health | A Branding Case Study by Agital
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Valleywise Health

Maricopa Integrated Health System (MIHS) was known among the general population for its status as the county’s safety net hospital—a place where everyone in need could find care, regardless of their ability to pay. After 140+ years, the healthcare organization decided it was time for a rebrand.

We came armed with local healthcare industry experience. With brand and campaign messaging built to reach audiences diverse in demographics and psychographics, we crafted a strategy to help Valleywise connect with the community across every possible channel.

Community-Driven Care

In a day and age when healthcare needs are rapidly evolving, MIHS needed to adapt. With the passing of Prop 480 in the fall of 2016, MIHS received funding to appropriately adapt their care model. As part of this effort, the organization needed a new brand to represent their new care model—inclusive of a name change and complete aesthetic update.

In order to reach such a broad and diverse audience, we needed to strategize around three main goals: spread overall awareness about the name transition (“MIHS is now Valleywise Health”), drive traffic to Valleywise Community Health Centers, and encourage people to book appointments.

The common thread throughout each campaign is an approachability and warmth that humanizes the organization, and talks with the community rather than at them.

A Heartfelt Thanks

Our “Thank You” kickoff campaign was a way for Valleywise to not only thank their patients for trusting them with their health, but thank the community for supporting them in their efforts to expand. This community support is the backbone behind Valleywise’s ability to truly serve the underserved and make quality care accessible to all.

Valley-Wide Pride

Our marketing distribution plan was a mix of outdoor, digital, and sponsorships/events. Outdoor placements included: bus wraps, transit shelters, rotary boards. Digital media included: native, high impact, pre-roll, banner ads, social (paid and organic). Traditional media included radio and TV.

In addition to this media mix, we implemented a PR strategy through earned media and took advantage of local events/outlets that targeted to our specific audiences. Examples include ABC15’s Sonoran Living segment, Univision, Despierta America, and the COPA soccer event.

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