Super Bowl LVII's Touchdown of a Brand Campaign by Agital
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New logo & color palette designed in under three weeks.


Members of local & regional media attended the press conference.


National media mentions in less than a week.

Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee

The Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee is responsible for driving the state’s efforts for Super Bowl LVII. Winning, for them, means positively showcasing the State of Arizona, creating memorable experiences for both visitors and residents, and driving economic impact for local businesses.

In December 2021, we were drafted to the Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee team to develop their logo and brand elements while simultaneously planning the launch press conference, where the new logo would be unveiled. We would also kickoff Super Bowl LVII to community stakeholders, the media, and more.

A smart strategy for on and off the field:

The Super Bowl’s hulking stature in our society speaks for itself. But, did you know there’s a lot more that goes into the Big Game than just the game? Our goal in partnering with the AZ Host Committee was to position Super Bowl LVII as an event for everyone, yes, we mean everyone. From the super fan, to the investor, to the person who showed up for the commercials, all are welcome here and we’re excited to show you everything Arizona has to offer.

Colors beyond green and white:

Arizona has transformed since 2015 (the last time we hosted), but one thing has remained constant over the years: our notorious sunsets. Our creative team selected our sunsets and desert landscape to be teammates when designing a logo and color palette for the AZ Super Bowl Host Committee.

A press conference brighter than stadium lights:

With 3 weeks on the clock, our team coordinated a formal press conference to launch the 2023 AZ Host Committee brand elements to the public. We successfully pitched all media outlets, developed a formal press release, and managed the key messaging for each speaker to ensure a smooth launch.

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What We Did for Super Bowl LVII

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