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Drive Impact With Programmatic & Display Ads

A Masterclass in Media

Serve ads on our partners’ networks of over 20 million websites in complex formats such as HTML5, audio, and other interactive media types.

Cater to Core Audiences

Hyper-targeted advertising through platforms like Google Display, Criteo Commerce Growth, and YouTube means you’ll home in on your ideal audience with relevant, contextual ads that convert.

Dedicated Tech

Prioritized DSP (demand-side platform) seating means we get the best price for ad placements across multiple specialized ad networks, ensuring efficient and effective ad spend.

  • PRECISE PLACEMENT Targeted audiences

    Strategically target only your ideal audiences through advanced segment analysis and purposeful ad placement. By working with our programmatic partners, we can create the most impactful plan that activates, supports, and enhances the customer journey, all while advancing your business goals.
  • ONSITE AUDIT Smarter ad buys

    With our exclusive trading seat and top-tier DSP, we don’t just aim for higher RoAS – we maximize it. By custom-targeting your audience, we handpick the sweet spots for ad placement, combining audience insight, tracking precision, and creative spark to pave the way for impactful performance.
  • IMPLEMENTATION Tailored creative

    The right creative infuses soul into the data-driven pulse of programmatic marketing. It not only amplifies your brand’s voice, but ensures it resonates , transforming faceless impressions into genuine connections.
  • TRACKING & REPORTING Ongoing optimization

    Programmatic campaigns require constant monitoring and optimization to fine-tune progress and reduce ad spend. Ongoing reporting reveals opportunities to optimize performance and reduce cost, stretching budgets further. See how your ads are performing with a custom Google Ads Scorecard.


Premier supplements brand garners an average cost-per-click of under $0.30!

With a healthy dose of display and programmatic marketing and smart ad targeting, courtesy of Agital, Balance of Nature reached a new, young, health-minded audience to advance their revenue goals.

Contextual Metrics Over Impressions

Impressions can be a good start for tracking programmatic ad performance, but they paint an incomplete picture. To fill the gap, we track view-through attribution and brand lift, among others, to ensure you get a full view of your performance and easily identify ways to optimize results.

Agital Impact™

Dive Deeper Into Your Campaigns

Unprecedented performance insights and ad tracking.

Deep-dive into your programmatic performance with our revolutionary platform that enables you to add all your channels—including staples like Criteo, YouTube, and Google Display—into a single UX to track their performance like never before.

Agital Impact offers advanced insight with media mix modeling and customer lifetime value reporting. It’s not just about understanding your current standing, it’s about foreseeing your brand’s potential and navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape with confidence.


Visuals That Speak Volumes

Crafting display ads that dazzle and convert.

Drawing from a deep well of creativity and digital knowledge, our team crafts stunning ads that do more than just look good—they perform. By fusing impactful imagery with persuasive copy, we create ads that resonate, boost engagement, and drive conversion skyward.


Putting Your Ads in the Spotlight

Leveraging top-tier platforms for optimal visibility.

Where you show up matters as much as how you show up. We harness an array of display ad platforms—from Google Display Network, Criteo Commerce Growth, Meta, YouTube, to niche programmatic platforms—ensuring your ads reach the right audience. We select the mix that delivers optimal exposure, engagement, and ROI for your brand.

woman holding out her credit card

OTT & CTV Advertising

Transcend Traditional Advertising

Leverage new platforms for unparalleled engagement.

Breaking away from sole reliance on TV advertising, we champion the power of Over-the-Top (OTT) and Connected Television (CTV) advertising. These platforms allow us to deliver your brand story directly into the hands and living rooms of a highly engaged, tech-savvy audience. Through sophisticated technologies, we identify and target your ideal customers across all platforms, fostering an intimate connection between them and your brand. We don’t just “do” OTT and CTV; we transform potential reach into real impact.

Advance your goals with holistic marketing support and strategy.


Explore our FAQs to find all of your answers to your display and programmatic questions. Want more information? Reach out today!

Programmatic advertising is the automated buying and selling of online display ads. It involves using algorithmic analysis and real-time bidding (RTB) to buy ad inventory across mobile, display, video, and social channels.

The goal is to connect advertisers to publishers in a way that’s both efficient and effective, allowing ads to be served to targeted users, within the right context.

Display advertising is a type of online advertising that features several formats, including banner ads, rich media, and more. It’s primarily visual and is displayed on websites, apps, or social media.

Programmatic advertising, on the other hand, is the process by which such display ads are purchased.

So, the difference lies in that display advertising is about the format, while programmatic advertising is about the method of purchasing that format.

We measure programmatic performance using a variety of metrics, depending on campaign goals. These may include:

1. Impressions: the number of times an ad is displayed
2. Clicks: the number of times an ad is clicked on
3. Click-through rate (CTR): the percentage of impressions that resulted in clicks
4. Conversions: the number of desired actions taken after clicking an ad
5. Conversion rate: the percentage of clicks that resulted in conversions
6. Cost per action (CPA): the average cost of each of these conversions
7. Return on ad spend (RoAS): the amount of revenue generated for every dollar spend on programmatic advertising
8. View-through attribution: the number of conversions after viewing but not clicking on an ad
9. Brand lift: the extent to which the ad has shifted consumer behavior and attitudes towards the brand

These metrics, among others, provide a comprehensive understanding of the effectiveness and ROI of your programmatic campaigns.


We’ve got insights and we like to share them.

Case Study
  • Jelly Belly

    Jelly Belly

    See how Jelly Belly achieved a 622% boost in website revenue & 581% lift in conversions period-over-period with help from Agital.


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