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Sterling Grove

Sterling Grove was a new master-planned community by Toll Brothers that had just broken ground in Surprise, AZ. They wanted to create a new website with branding that distinguished them from other communities in the West Valley and defined their luxury position in the market.

Our goal in partnering with Sterling Grove was to grow brand awareness by crafting content at every touchpoint that showcased the unique lifestyle homebuyers would experience when they lived here.

Identifying the Ideal Buyer

Our engagement began with comprehensive audience research to determine the motivations and behaviors of Sterling Grove’s audience. From there, we developed three personas to narrow our focus to attract an audience with a greater likelihood of purchasing a home.

While identifying the ideal homebuyers, we simultaneously conducted keyword and competitor research to understand the local landscape and identify keyword trends. Then, we strategically mapped the selected keywords to the most relevant pages on the new Sterling Grove website.

Selling a Unique Lifestyle & Club Experience

Sterling Grove didn’t want to sound like every other community in the Valley—but the real challenge was that it wasn’t even built yet. We overcame this by using lifestyle-focused content to describe Sterling Grove as if it already existed. This would help potential homebuyers imagine what the community would be like once it was completed.

What Everyday Luxury Looks Like

We were also tasked with designing logos for Sterling Grove’s Food + Drink program and the spa, establishing tertiary color pallets and creating an amenities brochure. We wanted our creatives to get at the heart of what Sterling Grove offered, which was the chance for homebuyers to build their desired lifestyle within a community that provided a unique blend of everyday luxury and authentic charm.

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What We Do for Sterling Grove

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