$100k in 1 Livestream: Willow Boutique's TikTok Live Selling Record
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Willow Boutique

Willow Boutique, a fashion company that offers cute, quality clothes at an affordable price, was one of the original beta testers on TikTok Shop and the second brand to ever have a purchase made on TikTok Shop US. Having already built a strong organic TikTok presence, the Willow Boutique team and TikTok Shop approached Agital with their sights set on breaking their live selling record (value of merchandise sold during one livestream event), which was $40k at the time.  

The initial and primary goal of the campaign was to sell $100k worth of merchandise through TikTok Shop in one single livestream event. Secondary goals included reaching new audiences and maximizing revenue through a smart combination of cross-channel promos, paid ads, social, email, SMS, and more.    


Fashion, Apparel & Accessories 



Marketing Mix

Social Media, Paid Ads, Events, Email, & SMS

The How

Agital knew going into the campaign that a cohesive marketing strategy would be needed for such a large and ambitious live sales event. Like a recipe, every ingredient would need to work together to bring out the best possible result—at least 2.5× Willow Boutique’s live selling record. 

We needed to build hype by sharing buzzworthy content featuring new products and teasing special deals. The content would have to feel highly relevant and exclusive to the audience. Our approach was to build anticipation like you see with Black Friday/Cyber Monday (BFCM) sales, when customers know what deals to expect before the event.  

We landed on the angle of a fall collection drop, happening on TikTok before anywhere else, with exclusive deals only available on TikTok. Then we built out the marketing plan, using paid media and social content on TikTok and Meta to raise awareness, securing RSVPs through cross-channel event campaigns, and sending a timely SMS reminder to drive sales. 

The Challenges

  • Sell $100k or More: Break & more than double Willow Boutique’s live selling record, which was ~$40k at the time. 
  • Plan Campaign in 1 Week: Plan the entire campaign strategy, with pre-promotion & creative across many channels, in just one week.  
  • Slay Holistic Cross-Promotion: Prove the value of our holistic approach, using cross-promotion with other channels, rather than only promoting on TikTok. 
  • Adapt in Real-Time: Adapt to TikTok’s evolving livestream algorithm to optimize the campaign, monitoring and budgeting as needed.  
  • Scale Timely Delivery: Manage timely deliveries for an immense scale of orders. 

The Solution

Agital launched Willow Boutique’s fall collection drop on TikTok LIVE, featuring exclusive deals only available in TikTok Shop. Our cohesive marketing strategy leveraged the power of cross-channel promotion to amplify awareness, engagement, and LIVE sales. 

In an expansive approach that rivaled many Black Friday/Cyber Monday (BFCM) strategies, Agital and Willow Boutique pre-promoted the livestream event using video content, RSVP campaigns, and short-form video ads on TikTok and Meta (including Instagram), driving cross-platform awareness.  

Agital also scheduled paid ads on Meta to drive traffic to TikTok during the event and created two email funnels: one to promote the upcoming event and one reminder for when the livestream began. Agital’s SMS strategy featured only one text message, sent out to Willow Boutique’s entire SMS list as soon as the livestream began. 

The Results

Agital’s strategy and implementation proved highly effective, reaching more than 8,000 viewers at one time and increasing Willow Boutique’s revenue from key audience segments across TikTok, Meta, email, and Google. The livestream exceeded our goal of selling $100k worth of merchandise through TikTok LIVE, breaking and more than doubling the boutique’s previous live selling record of ~$40k worth of merchandise sold on one livestream!  

“We at Willow Boutique can confidently say that Agital has been the driving force behind our success. Their guidance and expertise have been nothing short of extraordinary.” 

Adam Sommers
Owner, Willow Boutique

The campaign reached more than two million users, and the livestream reached 2.8 million viewers. Willow Boutique and Agital reported more than four million products added to carts in the TikTok Shop. The campaign garnered 7.8k new followers for Willow Boutique’s TikTok channel and raised awareness for the brand, with 71% of the viewers reached being non-followers. 

“Agital’s impact on our business has been revolutionary, helping us scale across various platforms. The introduction to TikTok Shop, a game-changer for us, is a testament to their keen understanding of market trends and opportunities. The team at Agital goes beyond being a service provider; they are true partners.”

Adam Sommers
Owner, Willow Boutique

Holistic Health for Willow Boutique’s Customers & Marketing 

Through its partnership with Agital, Willow Boutique was able to increase its reach and connect with new audiences while more than doubling their TikTok Shop live selling record. Our team also helped them grow overall revenue while significantly reducing cost per acquisition (CPA). 

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