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Impact is the result of smart strategies meeting unparalleled expertise, fueled by technology.

Every revolution needs inspiring leaders

Our leadership team isn’t about fancy titles or rigid hierarchy. We’re a collection of thinkers, doers, innovators, and, yes, rebels. We don’t follow the paths laid out for us, we blaze our own.

Jeff Reynolds

Jeff Reynolds

Chief Executive Officer

Jane Lopez

Jane Lopez

Chief People Officer

Scott Smigler

Division President

Scott Kaufmann

Division President

Tripp Donnelly

Division President

Jeff Wolf

Jeff Wolf

Chief Financial Officer

Sheila McAneney

Sheila McAneney

VP, Operations

Nik Rajpal

VP Strategy, Ecommerce Practice Leader

Frank Kjaersgaard

Frank Kjaersgaard

Chief Technology Officer

Spencer Henze

Spencer Henze

VP, Corporate Development

Ken Bonham


Joe Pizzimenti


Matt Heffernan

Sr Vice President, IT

Ethan Kramer

Partner, Social Commerce Practice Leader

connotes a founder whose business has joined Agital.


Full color Exclusive

About Exclusive Concepts

With over 25 years of experience, EXCLUSIVE crafts digital success stories. Their focus is on helping ecommerce clients of all sizes achieve both channel-specific and holistic goals. Business leaders turn to EXCLUSIVE not just for short-term success, but for long-term scalable growth. Explore the vision at ExclusiveConcepts.com.

Highnoon black

About Highnoon

Highnoon has blended strategy, creativity, and tech into an art form. They amplify their clients’ brand voice, ensuring it resonates uniquely across every channel. This blend of business intelligence, technological prowess, and creative vision sets Highnoon apart. Discover more at Highnoon.co.

Full color EK Creative

About EK Creative

EK Creative has championed social commerce and embraced new features and channels as the space continues to grow. EK Creative is one of the first official TikTok partners in the US, paving the way to success for their clients. Learn more at EKCreative.com.

Fullcolor REQ

About REQ

REQ is where innovation meets brand storytelling. As a pioneering force in digital marketing, they’ve carved a niche across sectors from health care to hospitality. With national acclaim from the likes of Adweek 100 and Inc. 500, their journey is about creating legacies, not just campaigns. Dive in at REQ.co.

Inclusivity & diversity

Bring your whole self to work every day

Embracing diversity, championing inclusion

Us versus them? Not here. At Agital, we embrace what makes us unique – it’s our secret weapon. Our team is a vibrant tapestry of backgrounds, ideas, and experiences. We celebrate our differences because they inspire meaningful solutions that are as diverse and inclusive as the world we’re shaping. Bring your true self. All are welcome.

Priorities & values

Creating impact together

Fueled by a shared purpose

At Agital, we believe in the magic of the collective, where the sum is always greater than its parts. We’re a curious bunch, never settling, constantly questioning. Our thirst for knowledge fuels our purpose and empowers us to dream bigger, reach further, and deliver results beyond the expected.

We’re more than a company. We’re a community of craftspeople dedicated to honing our craft and driving impact in every way imaginable.

Shape the future of marketing

We are the risk-takers, the change-makers, the ones who dare to go further. If you’re ready to
make a real difference, we’d love to have you onboard.

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