Axway Tame It, a Wave-Making Case Study by Agital
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Axway Tame It

API management is a crowded market dominated by big names like Google Apigee, Microsoft Azure and Kong Enterprise. Axway reached out to us to create a new campaign for their API solution suite, Amplify. The challenge? To convert new API customers to their solution through a fun and engaging campaign that could separate them from the pack.

Axway wanted a campaign that could build upon their already successful Open Everything campaign (another Agital collaboration)! Axway needed to make a big splash to distinguish its name from other API solutions in the industry.

Our Experience Team got to work, devising the perfect campaign that would excite audiences and position Amplify as an all-inclusive way to tackle the challenge of API complexity. The campaign would include new branding, videos, and ads asking customers to “tame” their API library through Amplify.

We built a beast of a campaign.

Through in-depth strategy meetings with key Executive, Catalyst, Sales, and Product teams, we identified current market positioning, key differentiators, audience information, and new areas of opportunity.

To truly differentiate Amplify, the message would need to be digestible for less-technical audiences, while properly communicating the platform’s value. The campaign would speak to Amplify’s truly open platform, which provides a flexible and scalable way to enhance collaboration between teams.

A strategy that’s anything but tame.

To get audiences excited about taking control of their API catalogs, Axway wanted a campaign that wouldn’t hold back. With that, the Tame IT campaign was born. Through our market research, we would directly address the complexity of API management in a fun and creative way. We developed a series of ads calling on viewers to take control of their digital environment, using the sometimes-chaotic nature of the animal kingdom as a backdrop.

Addressing complexity through imagery.

Working closely with the Axway team, we also created a video asking viewers to take up the challenge of taming their API assets. Our video used imagery focusing on the challenges of API management and positioning Amplify as a way to organize their assets and accelerate their innovation strategically. To reach as much of Axway’s core audience as possible, we translated the video into Spanish, Italian, and French.

Want a captivating strategy like this for your brand?

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