Apt2B Boosts Revenue 4× With Search Strategy | Case Study
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Site-wide revenue growth.

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Growth in paid search revenue.


How Apt2B, a new player in the furniture space, dramatically increased its market share through a smart combination of organic and paid search strategies.

Apt2B provides high-quality furniture that’s affordably priced and built to last. Based in Los Angeles, Apt2B ships across the United States, and offers products in a variety of styles—from mid-century modern to industrial. Their furniture is made for real rooms, real people, and the messy ins and outs of daily life, however that may look.





Marketing Mix

SEO, Paid Search, Product Ads

The How

By developing and coordinating complementary organic and paid search strategies for Apt2B, Agital was able to identify unique opportunities in the furniture store’s niche, drive more qualified organic traffic, improve ad targeting to pinpoint customers who are ready to buy, and ultimately achieve scalable long-term growth.


The Challenges 

  • Increase market share within the furniture industry .
  • Improve brand visibility and findability. 
  • Consistently grow revenue.

“The Agital team is collaborative, dynamic, and able to quickly change direction as new trends emerge. Their agility and leadership have made a huge impact on our business and their ability to translate cross-channel strategies into high-level business results has made them an invaluable, long-term partner.

Director of Brand & Ecommerce, Apt2B

The Solution

Getting smart with SEO.

Apt2B first partnered with Agital in 2017 with the goal of gaining market share in the changing furniture vertical, dominated by a handful of megastores. They wanted a dynamic partner that can help them uncover market trends and quickly capitalize on areas of opportunity while expanding reach and scaling revenue.

To make an immediate impact on Apt2B’s overarching goals, the Agital team focused on developing a robust SEO strategy that involved creating niche category pages based on Apt2B’s unique offerings, including fabric type, product type, ability to customize, and more.

The team also identified a short list of target keywords to optimize, including “sleeper sofa” and “sofa bed,” to gain one of the top 5 spots on page 1. As a result of Agital’s strategy Apt2B’s substantially increased their page 1 keyword rankings, translating into an increase of 115% in organic traffic to their site and an increase of 243% in organic channel revenue.

Delivering high-converting paid search ads.

Agital built on the success and insights of Apt2B’s SEO program to develop an effective paid search strategy that increased the company’s cross-channel reach. We segmented our Google and Bing ads to gain insight into how our customers were searching and, more importantly, which queries meant they were ready to make a purchase.

The team focused on search term variants that included color, size, and shipping options to match Apt2B ads to the right customers. Through campaign automation, Agital was able to use audience signals and segmented asset groups to deliver ads that highlight the products most relevant to each customer segment.  

Through the success of our Google Ads, Bing Ads, and SEO, AptB2 was able to expand into new product types and new corporate partnerships that allow the brand to continue fueling growth. 


“Partnering with Agital was one of the best decisions we’ve made. Their team has a deep understanding of how our business works and was able to use that knowledge to boost our market share and continuously improve our overall revenue.”

Director of Brand & Ecommerce, Apt2B

Results that make a statement.

Site-wide performance from 2020 to 2023:

SEO that drives revenue.

Organic search performance from 2020 to 2023:

Paid search ads that boost performance.

Paid search performance from 2020 to 2023:

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