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The How

A customer-favorite beauty brand and skincare icon, offering choice and convenience at its customers’ fingertips, turned to Agital to devise a digital marketing blueprint that would fuel the brand’s sales. We helped by crafting a strategy to expand the fan-favorite client’s audience reach and loyal customer base. 




New York, NY

Marketing Mix

Paid Search, Social Media Marketing, Website 

The Challenges 

  • Streamlining ads to fit the customer journey.
  • Balancing ambitious customer acquisition goals with RoAS goals.
  • Boosting site traffic without stealing traffic from partner sites.

More purchase paths spark new customer growth. 

The brand had previously grappled with expanding its own online presence without undercutting traffic to its major retail partner’s site. With a commitment to giving customers freedom in their shopping choices, the brand sought to deliver an exceptional multi-channel experience that advanced their own marketing efforts while meeting the needs of its retail partners. 

Noticing its marketing strategy was failing to attract new customers, our task became twofold: 1) to architect a performance marketing program with strong base growth and ROI, and 2) ensuring brand-prominent advertising appeased their primary partner retailer who also hosted and sold the brand’s products.  

They had creative & fans, but needed a growth plan. 

Understanding Buyer Personas 

We pinpointed two key shopping personas for the client’s customer base: 

Deliberate Shoppers 

Individuals who adhere to a strict checklist of qualities before they’re persuaded to buy a product – in this case: natural ingredients, vegan, and cruelty-free. 

Social Shoppers 

Those who seek validation from others’ experiences and rely heavily on reviews. 

Mapping the customer journey & segmenting purchase stages.

In addition to different buyer personas, Agital also identified the need to address buyers’ needs at different stages of consideration. Converting individuals who hadn’t purchased their products before required a different approach than those who had. 


  • Zero-purchase cold audience targets.
  • Zero-purchase remarketing audience targets.

Each stage of the customer journey demanded a distinct strategy. Our paid social team cast a net for new customers with social video ads showcasing the brand’s standout products. For the deliberate shoppers, we emphasized criteria matching their shopping list like natural ingredients. For the remaining non-buyers, we looped back with video ads spotlighting reviews and testimonials, providing the “beauty community” validation that social shoppers needed to make a purchase. 


  • Post-purchase cross-sell targets. 
  • Post-purchase replenishment targets. 

We initiated a data-powered, post-purchase strategy. Fueled by Agital Impact’s (TM) smart feeds functionality, we identified complementary cross-sell products based on previous purchases, which we then featured in ads displayed 1-2 weeks post-purchase. Over the subsequent three months, we launched ads nudging past purchasers to restock, which also helped advance customer lifetime value. 

Paid Search Pays Off 

Along with optimizing the customer journey on social, we balanced the client’s paid search strategy. With a unique campaign methodology we call Search Query Funneling, we took control of the search results page, balancing key term impression share with reseller visibility. 
Product feed optimization boosted visibility for top-of-funnel, non-branded terms while simultaneously driving CPC down. This sparked a profitable growth phase, enabling expansion into high-funnel ad types on YouTube and Pinterest. These strategies enhanced visibility for non-branded searches and advanced new customer growth. 

Exquisite results achieved. 

We met and exceeded the client’s goals by generating remarkable YoY results measured both at the channel and website levels: 

  • Brand Site Performance: 83% surge in revenue from a 113% conversion lift 
  • Product Ads: 40% rise in revenue driven by a 50% conversion 
  • Social Ads: An impressive 318% uptick in revenue from a 97% spend increase where cold audience and new customer re-marketing generated 94% of the revenue boost 

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