An Aviation Parts Supplier | A Skygeek Case Study by Agital
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SkyGeek soared to new heights of profitability with a comprehensive digital marketing solution.

Long-term Agital client, SkyGeek, has been providing the aviation industry with quality aerospace products and avionics equipment for over 40 years. SkyGeek supplies an array of business types, including aviation, mechanical, military institutions, government agencies, and more. 


Aviation Supplies



Marketing mix

CRO, paid search, SEO, email marketing 

The how

By improving search engine optimization (SEO), conversion rate, and email performance to continually boost YoY performance. 

The challenges

  • Migrate the website without losing search results rank (SEO).
  • Improve on-site user experience. 
  • Update email remarketing automation to capture new sales. 

The solution

A better in-flight experience

As the client’s partner across all marketing channels (SEO, PPC, PLA, CRO, and email), it was vital to the SkyGeek website migration’s success that Agital be involved throughout the entire process.

In planning the migration from Yahoo! to BigCommerce, we considered the many moving parts. Most important was how we would ensure minimal performance disruption when the site moved to the BigCommerce platform.

Agital’s SEO team was able to develop a plan that defined the scope of work needed from an SEO technical standpoint (redirects, content migration, data markup, etc.) We also created a plan to clean up years of scripts so as to have the new site running quickly, smoothly, and efficiently.

Not only did we minimize any negative impact, we saw the new SkyGeek site grow almost immediately as a result of the Agital-BigCommerce partnership.

The results

Site migration and email automation start to soar

Since the launch of the new BigCommerce site, Agital has been able to leverage platform and user experience to ramp up our marketing efforts across all channels and see consistent growth each month.

SkyGeek immediately saw the benefits of BigCommerce and its industry leading technology under the hood. Many of the features on the previous platform had to be custom projects that required large investments of time and resources. Not so on the new BigCommerce platform.

With BigCommerce, many of the “out of box” features allowed the client to instantly provide a better experience. In addition, with many of the partners within the BigCommerce environment, it was easy to find the right app to enhance the experience seamlessly.

One area that continues to provide consistent growth is the email channel, namely the ability for the Agital team to leverage the direct connection between BigCommerce and Klaviyo. As a result, we have continued to expand the various workflows and utilize data to explore the opportunity for deeper segmentation.


“Agital has been our trusted partner for over 15 years and helped launch us into a new stage as a company. They are always willing to provide their unique marketing knowledge and stellar execution to a range of different projects, ensuring optimal performance across initiatives.”

SkyGeek Representative 

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Whatever marketing challenges you’re facing, Agital makes a profound impact that reverberates across your business. 

What we do for SkyGeek

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