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North Shore Residential Door

North Shore Commercial Door (NSCD), an online specialty store for garage door parts and related merchandise, has cemented its position as a distinguished provider of spare components for both residential and commercial garage doors. Discover how the leading door and garage parts superstore leveraged our SEO and CRO expertise to revamp its website’s navigation and cater to a wider consumer base. 





Marketing Mix

SEO, Paid Search, UX Design, Conversion Rate Optimization

The How

To drive sales and prioritize the most profitable products, we improved NSCD’s website’s SEO, navigation and organization of products, and conversion rates, and supplemented these efforts with a robust paid search strategy to boost traffic. 

The Challenges

  • Channeling organic traffic towards new, profitable product categories.
  • Identifying and engaging customer segments with high average order value (AOV).
  • Plotting a new navigation structure’s impact on conversion rates prior to redesign and migration.

Broadening Horizons With Refined User Navigation

In a strategic move to better cater to their commercial clients, North Shore has broadened its product and service portfolio beyond garage and door parts to incorporate materials handling.

However, the site’s initial navigation—designed primarily for residential customers—didn’t reflect North Shore’s expanded vision and offerings. To bridge this gap and advance both revenue and customer experience, North Shore recruited our expert SEO team. 

Boosting User Experience & Conversion Rate 

The essence of conversion rate optimization (CRO) is to maximize the number of individuals who complete a desired action on a website. It often means developing additional website features or reworking existing ones, followed by A/B testing to evaluate their efficiency. 

Through a comprehensive analysis, we identified the need to add navigation options categorized by residential and commercial customer type to make it easier for users to navigate to their desired products, all while avoiding any adverse impact to North Shore’s existing conversion rate and average order value (AOV.) 

From Assessment to Testing

Below is the process we used to assess North Shore’s website for current successes, propose a solution backed by the data, and test that solution to ensure consistent revenues: 

Insightful Website & Customer Assessment 

We kicked off by examining North Shore’s customer segments & demographics along with the product-service ties for each group. We then turned the spotlight on North Shore’s website traffic, conversion rates, and average order value. 

Afterwards, we scoured the catalog of new products, searching for a smarter way to showcase them, always mindful of both the residential and commercial audience segments. 

Analyzing & Reconstructing Website Navigation 

We conducted an information architecture analysis of the website and collaborated with the North Shore team to nail down precise product categorization. 

Then, armed with search volume data, customer profile insights, product specifics, and average order value, we forged a new navigational blueprint, ensuring customers could navigate straight to their desired products without getting bogged down in secondary or tertiary pages. 

Putting A/B Testing & CRO Into Action 

Before giving the green light to the new navigation, we ran A/B testing on North Shore’s desktop website to ensure the adjustment would not adversely impact the website’s conversion rate, average order value, or user experience. 

Bringing in the Numbers

Post-navigation facelift, North Shore clocked in some impressive stats: 

Organic sessions shot up.

Thanks to a superior position in organic search results, North Shore’s commercial pages saw a 16.8% boost. 

Average order value increased.

The spruced-up navigation logged a 7.1% increase in average order value, indicating that commercial customers were finding and snapping up relevant products with ease. 

Conversion rate went up. 

The revamped navigation led to a 6.5% rise in overall conversion rate, signaling that our adjustment had no negative effect on residential customers. 

Revenue surged.

The fusion of a higher AOV and conversion rate advanced North Shore’s revenue by an impressive 14%. 

Elevating Expectations

Who knew a touch of simplicity could trigger such an impact? That’s exactly what North Shore Commercial Door’s updated navigation did for their customers. The revamp, steered by our conversion rate optimization services, fine-tuned NSCD’s website to cater to their two unique customer segments.  

With Agital by their side, NSCD is primed for a future defined by higher revenue, spurred on by increased order values and conversion rates. We didn’t just raise the bar; we set a whole new standard. 

North Shore Residential Doors

“North Shore’s new website navigation is much more intuitive and easy to use. Agital was able to effectively marry user experience with our strategic priorities to deliver a solution that means a better user experience for our customers and more revenue for us!”

Matt O’Donnell, 
VP Sales and Marketing

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