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Get Your Custom Ecommerce Growth Plan

We deep-dive into your ecommerce business and audit your channel performance across all digital channels (website, paid search, SEO, social, email, SMS, marketplaces) to surface the most profitable growth opportunities.

Ecommerce analysis

Get Growth Plan

  • Apt2B
  • North Shore Residential Doors
  • Brochu Walker
  • City Mattress
  • Cooking Gift Set Co.
  • Jelly Belly Candy Company


In-Depth Channel Audit

We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your business and all its ecommerce channels to provide an overview of your performance across:

  • SEO
  • Paid Search & Product Ads
  • Website
  • Social (Meta, TikTok, Pinterest, & More)
  • Email & SMS
  • Marketplaces (Amazon, Walmart, Target, Ulta, & More)


Custom Roadmap

After we evaluate your performance across your digital channels, we bring in our experts to develop a data-driven, strategic plan specifically designed for your business and tailored to your unique goals.

Agital not only improved the performance of our existing marketing channels, but they had the foresight to expand our footprint into Pinterest and Meta, which yielded huge returns. Agital’s expertise in paid media has been instrumental in our ability to grow sustainably and consistently.


Cailini Coastal

Jelly Belly

Our omnichannel ecommerce expertise boosted revenue for Jelly Belly!

Agital provided a sweet SEO strategy, smart paid social with ad targeting on Meta, and focused paid search, display, and programmatic ads driven by purchase intent to help Jelly Belly increase their overall website revenue by 622% YoY.