ADOT MVD Now Drives Visibility & Adoption | Case Study by Agital
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Gone are the days of spending hours in line at the MVD. With AZ MVD Now, the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) has streamlined the registration, licensing, and title process for drivers statewide by putting dozens of services at their fingertips.

We partnered with ADOT to promote AZ MVD Now, a fast, secure, and personalized online platform that allows drivers to take care of nearly all their vehicle needs from the comfort of home. Through this campaign, we increased actions and clicks to the landing page, decreased the cost per click, and doubled the amount of page views on the site—resulting in over 250,000 new accounts.

How-to From Home

With engaging animations and messaging centered around simplicity and convenience, we created a short video to showcase the 40+ MVD services that drivers could now access online. We also created a series of how-to videos to help users make the most of their new accounts.

Fast. Secure. Personalized.

The convenient virtual future we once dreamed of is already here. Not only can drivers now access dozens of services on the go, but each account is also personalized to ensure users are treated as valued customers—not just another number in the queue.

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