State-of-the-Art Collaboration by Cisco | An Agital Case Study
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Cisco had a story to tell about teamwork

With strong technology roots and a long history of innovation, Cisco wanted to create an exciting rollout campaign to introduce the world to their state-of-the-art collaboration tools.

We crafted a wide array of digital assets, including a fun video series, animated banner ads, engaging social media posts, and more, all centered around delighting, informing and converting potential technology buyers.

To raise overall awareness about Cisco’s collaboration tools, we wanted to highlight how teams have always come together to dream up the next disruptive ‘big idea’. We also wanted to highlight the changing nature of the workforce and workplace, and how that change is making effective collaboration even more vital.

Since the dawn of civilization…

Mankind has sought innovation through idea-sharing since the dawn of civilization. We wanted to emphasize how Cisco is the latest torchbearer to usher in the next age of innovation through their collaborative tools. We created a series of warm and playful videos that use a historic perspective to highlight progress in the collaboration ecosystem, and examples of how Cisco Webex is making meetings better.

Driving collaboration

Audiences could access eBooks speaking to the multitude of collaboration challenges presented by multi-generational workstyles, multiple devices, and work-sharing teams. Social posts and banner ads drove collaboration buyers to these and more assets.

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