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Cailini Coastal

See how Agital optimized ad spend to increase revenue by 300% for Cailini Coastal’s luxury furniture and decor brand.

Cailini Coastal lets you bring a coastal aesthetic to any room with their line of luxury home goods. This woman-owned company launched in 2020 and features a curated collection of home décor with a distinct design style that blends the airy simplicity of California coastal with a timeless East Coast elegance.


Home Décor 



Marketing Mix

Meta, Pinterest, Google Ads

The How

By analyzing and optimizing Cailini Coastal’s ad performance across channels and campaign types, Agital was able to reallocate ad budget where it delivered the biggest impact and significantly grow revenue in the process. In addition, Agital dove into the client’s data and developed deep insights into their audience behavior, which resulted in a more effective and efficient approach to targeting.

The Challenges

  • Optimizing return on ad spend, while growing revenue.
  • Identifying areas for efficiency in marketing efforts.
  • Creating audience-specific content and segmentation best practices.

The Solution

Optimizing ad spend to generate a new wave of business.

After being in business for a year, Cailini Coastal felt like their paid media efforts were not driving the sustainable growth that allowed them to uplevel revenue.

In July 2021, they reached out to Agital with the hope of improving their performance marketing efforts and growing the business. Agital was able to channel their paid media expertise to optimize the online boutique’s ad spend, finding opportunities for greater efficiency that allowed the brand to increase their ad spend and grow revenue.  

Digging through the sand to find efficiencies.

Thanks to Agital, Cailini Coastal was able to make a real impact on their revenue by being purposeful with their ad spend. The key to great results is being efficient and strategic with how ad spend is allocated.

Agital’s first step was to identify the pockets of inefficiency and redirect that spend to areas that were working. This approach helped Cailini Coastal prioritize Meta and Google ads which, in turn, drove a higher return on ad spend (ROAS). 

Introducing audience segmentation to the mix.  

Prior to partnering with Agital, the client was operating under a blended content model. In an effort to develop a more targeted approach by learning what Cailini Coastal’s specific audiences responded to, Agital created distinct audience segments and targeted them with tailored content.

For example, across social and paid search, new customers who had seen a specific landing page or purchased from a specific category received different content than net-new users or users who had watched over 75% of a video ad.  

Cailini Coastal

Additionally, Agital’s team saw an opportunity to expand the client’s non-branded paid search efforts to capture users searching for “coastal furniture” and similar terms, which helped Cailini Coastal broaden their awareness as well as capture new, ready-to-buy customers. 

A coastal breeze of inspiration.

After seeing Agital’s approach pay off on Meta and paid search, we decided to launch Pinterest ads to reach new audiences in search of home décor inspiration. With an increase of just 34% in Pinterest spend, we generated 153% more revenue in just the first two weeks. Overall, Pinterest continued to perform well, generating a higher RoAS than Meta.  

Cailini Coastal

By diversifying our media spend, we identified an area of efficiency for the brand and gained insight into how their audiences respond, allowing us to strategically adjust each promotion and product launch for even higher click-through and conversion rates.

Cailini Coastal

“Agital’s expertise is one of a kind. Coming into our marketing program and accurately assessing the efficiency of our spend while identifying how to make our marketing dollars go farther altered our brand’s trajectory. It did not just change our marketing program, it changed our business.”

Founder, Cailini Coastal 

The Results

Ad performance that broke the (sandcastle) mold. 

Holistically, the client has seen big wins year-over-year: 

  • 369% increase in website traffic.
  • 274% increase in number of conversions.
  • 305% increase in overall revenue.

This holistic success was driven largely by Cailini Coastal’s impressive channel performance: 

Paid Search – Increasing the paid search budget 6X drove: 

  • 662% increase in number of conversions.
  • 1,095% increase in revenue.
  • 627% return on ad spend.

Meta – Tripling the Meta ad spend resulted in: 

  • 604% increase in traffic.
  • 596% increase in number of conversions.
  • 497% increase in revenue 

Pinterest – A 20% increase in ad spend translated into: 

  • 716% increase in number of conversions.
  • 1,163% increase in revenue.
  • 437% return on Pinterest ad spend.
Cailini Coastal

“Agital not only improved the performance of our existing marketing channels, but they had the foresight to expand our footprint into Pinterest and Meta, which yielded huge returns. Agital’s expertise in paid media has been instrumental in our ability to grow sustainably and consistently.”

Founder, Cailini Coastal 

Making a splash.

Since partnering with Agital, Cailini Coastal has implemented an effective digital marketing plan that has driven growth for the company and given them the ability to scale their business size and offerings. The client has since launched new collections and utilized the audience segmentation practices set up by Agital to build campaigns around the collections. 

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