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user experience and design tips

4 SEO & UX Tips for Ecommerce Website Navigation That Grows Sales

Ecommerce website navigation menus are crucial for user experience & SEO. Lets explore 4 UX & SEO tips to optimize your website navigation.

The Future of Participatory Marketing 

Participatory marketing is about engaging consumers as active participants, rather than passive observers. Let’s explore future advancements.

Gen Z, Doom Spending, & Higher Education: How to Compete

Colleges and universities need to understand Gen Z’s beliefs and expectations—and how to meet them—in order to thrive in today’s market.

Search vs. Brand-Based: Find Your Best Ecommerce Marketing Journey 

Wondering where your business needs to compete to win new customers? Here’s how to identify your best ecommerce marketing journey + strategy.

Climb Google Search Rankings: SEO in the AI Era 

We tested the top SEO tactics against Google’s recent algorithm changes. Here’s how to climb Google Search rankings & drive organic traffic.

Track Your Marketing Performance Across 25+ Channels With Agital Impact  

Our Agital Impact platform upgrades include a cross-channel view of marketing performance & advanced modeling capabilities.

Agital Welcomes Digital Edge to the Family

Digital Edge expands our expertise into B2B travel, tourism, and destination marketing—and adds a female-founded agency to our portfolio.

Top 3 Super Bowl Commercials of 2024, According to Marketing Experts (Report)

We surveyed 500+ marketers to reveal what they thought were the “best” 2024 Super Bowl ads. Read the report.

Agital Welcomes Go Fish Digital to the Family

Go Fish Digital brings award-winning SEO prowess and functional AI applications, purpose-built to streamline strategic marketing services.

Highnoon is Now Agital

Highnoon rebrands to Agital for deeper integration of Highnoon’s team and proprietary visualization platform into Agital’s analytics suite.

Agital Welcomes WDG to the Family

We’re excited to announce our first acquisition of 2024, Web Development Group (WDG), and are thrilled to welcome them to the Agital family.

Meet the Companies That Make Up Agital

Take a deeper look into the companies that make up Agital and their secret weapons to disrupting the marketing services industry.

Meet the Powerhouse Agital Leadership Team

Get to know Agital’s leadership team as they’re making waves and advancing the company’s vision.
PR public relations

What is PR in marketing and how does it impact your business?

Learn the significance of PR and its impact on your business. Explore why effective PR strategies and campaigns are essential for marketing.
Mobile friendly website

3 Reasons Why Mobile-Friendly Websites Are Important

Mobile-friendly websites boost your sales and visibility because they are accessible to a majority of Google users.
Google Optimization guide SEO

The Ultimate Guide to A/B Testing Platforms After Google Optimize Sunset

Google recently announced the planned sunset of Google Optimize, its proprietary A/B testing platform. Here’s what we recommend using instead.
Categorize Products Ecommerce

How should I categorize products on my ecommerce website?

Product categorization is an important part of user experience, especially for ecommerce. Here’s how to categorize products for more sales.
Amazon SEO

Amazon SEO: Creating the Optimal Product Listing for Findability

The key to getting your products ranking high on Amazon SERPs is by crushing SEO when it comes to product listings. Here’s your guide.
Domain Authority

What is domain authority and how can you score higher?

Improve domain authority by focusing on SEO, building quality links pointing to your site, and using high-authority links in content & copy.
SMS marketing

7 Tips to Kickstart Your SMS Marketing Program

85% of customers prefer to communicate with their favorite brands via text (SMS). Here are 7 tips to kickstart your SMS marketing program.
AI content

ChatGPT & AI-powered Content: What They Mean for Your Ecommerce Site’s SEO

Leverage ChatGPT an AI to supercharge your ecommerce SEO – here is what you need to know to beat your competition.
Importance of backlinks in SEO

The Importance of Backlinks for SEO

Improved search engine rankings: High-quality backlinks from reputable websites can help boost your website’s search engine rankings.
How does Google Index a website

How to Find Out When Your Website Was Last Indexed by Google

Indexing is how Google organizes info & adds entries for all the words your website contains. Find out when your site was indexed by Google.
Amazon marketing

6-Step Guide to Ranking on Amazon: It’s About Sales Velocity

1. Amazon sales velocity is the name of the selling game. 2. Get on the Amazon map through active listings. 3. Add more products…
SMS marketing

Using SMS Marketing to Get in Your Customers’ Pockets

Adding SMS to your marketing mix will help keep your brand on your customers’ minds, and drive conversions through engagement.
conversion rate optimization

How Conversion Rate Optimization Can Mitigate Rising CPCs

How can you use your website to fight rising CPCs? By investing in conversion rate optimization (CRO)—this will give you the edge.
data modeling and forecasting

A Turning Point in Ecommerce: Forecasting & Budget Optimization Tools

From ecommerce forecasting, budget optimization, and customer acquisition—this business Intelligence tool from Agital does it all.
voice search

Voice Search Optimization: A Comprehensive Guide

Use our voice search optimization (VSO) top five tips from the ecommerce experts at Agital, proven to reach new customers fast.

Announcing the 4th Addition to the Digital Marketing Agency of the Future

On the heels of Agital’s acquisition of EK Creative, Agital’s private equity partner, Trinity Hunt, announced the acquisition of digital marketing leader REQ.
Five Things that are Traditional Media

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Traditional Media

In an online world, traditional media can tend to get overlooked. Here’s why you need to include it in your next marketing budget.
why does no one answer the phone?

No one’s answering the phone! Here’s why you should.

While it’s true fewer people are answering the phone, it’s still the best way to make lasting business connections. Our team shows you how.
Integrated Marketing

What is integrated marketing? 5 steps to make your next marketing campaign more successful.

Why do some marketing plans fail while others succeed? Read our blog to learn what integrated marketing is and how it can improve your brand.
SEO Title Tags are Important

3 Reasons Why Title Tags are Still an Important SEO Ranking Factor

SEO title tags, also known as page title tags or page titles, are an essential ranking factor for onsite SEO, even today!
Users First Content Strategy

How to Put Users First in Your Content Strategy

Users should be the first thing on your mind when building a website or writing a blog. Here’s our recipe for successful content marketing.
Is SEO effective during an economic recession?

Is SEO effective during economic recessions?

SEO tactics can help your business stay relevant during economic recessions. Learn to adapt your marketing strategy to gain a new user base.
SEO best practices

SEO Best Practices After Google’s Helpful Content Update

Google’s helpful content update looks to dethrone former SEO best practices and turn the spotlight instead onto its users.
Write Marketing Blogs

Should ChatGPT be used to write marketing blogs?

Creating blogs and online content using AI like ChatGPT may pose a significant risk to your organic traffic and ranked content.
Valleywise Health web design and development

Public Relations vs. Media Relations: What’s the difference?

What is the difference between public relations and media relations, and why does it matter for your brand? We’ll break it down.
online reputation and PR

Online Reputation Management vs. Public Relations

Online reputation management and public relations are two important components of a marketing plan. Learn the difference along with tips on how to get started.
Landing page best practices

Landing Page Best Practices: From Content to Design

There are several landing page best practices you can implement to help you craft a page that helps increase conversion rate and more.
Blog Preview Equal Pay

Equal Pay for Equal Work is Common Sense

At Agital, we built the principle of equal pay for equal work into the foundation of our agency and have stuck by it ever since. Learn why we do it.
data and reporting and analysis

Enhance Your Marketing Strategies With the Right Visual Analytics Tool

At Agital, we’ve tested many marketing analytics tools, but we needed a customizable solution that can pull key information and display it.
Exclusive Best Digital Yotpo

EXCLUSIVE Named Best Digital Marketing Agency of North America by Yotpo

We are truly honored to have been selected as the Best Digital Marketing Agency in North America for their 2023 Partner Awards.
mobile first customers

5 Benefits of Adopting a Mobile-First Strategy

Are you looking to adopt a mobile-first strategy for your business? Explore the benefits of this tactic to help put your mobile users first.
Authentic human-generated content

The Value of Human-Generated Content

With the recent popularity of ChatGPT, everyone wants to know how AI will change the marketing landscape, especially in content marketing.

Partnerships That Power Success

Explore the partnerships that give us access to the latest tech stacks and platforms to best fuel your takeoff.

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Powerful Tools

Unleash your potential with market-leading tools, tailored to your business needs.

Free Scorecard
SEO Scorecard

SEO Scorecard

Get your custom scorecard with actionable data and recommendations to rise through the ranks and win more customers.

Free Scorecard
Google Ads Scorecard

Google Ads Scorecard

We’ll audit your Google Ads account, evaluate performance and identify how to get the most out of your paid search campaigns.

Ecommerce Analysis

Ecommerce Channel Audit

Discover how to optimize your performance across all digital channels and ensure they work together for maximum impact.