Agital Welcomes Go Fish Digital to the Family, Visionary SEO & AI
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Agital Welcomes Go Fish Digital to the Family

Adding World-Class SEO Expertise & Visionary AI Technology to Our Capabilities

Agital’s growth is not slowing down any time soon. As we continue to expand our horizons, we are delighted to announce the latest addition to our family: Go Fish Digital. This acquisition is a giant leap forward in our mission to offer our clients comprehensive marketing services that drive significant impact for their business.  

In addition to award-winning SEO prowess, the Go Fish Digital team brings their own functional AI applications, purpose-built to streamline strategic marketing services. Agital’s dedication to challenging the status quo makes it the perfect home for Go Fish Digital’s daringly disruptive approach to digital marketing—a match made in heaven.

“We are excited to add Go Fish Digital to the Agital ecosystem, to integrate their team’s incredible expertise and innovative technologies to ultimately enhance our client’s brand presence.”

Jeff Reynolds
CEO, Agital

Who is Go Fish Digital?

Founded near Washington, DC in 2005 by Brian Patterson and Dan Hinckley, Go Fish Digital emerged as an innovative force in digital marketing. In 2017, the agency welcomed Daniel Russell as a partner, joining forces and elevating expertise. Together, they created a dynamic and forward-thinking environment, blending years of collective wisdom with cutting-edge technologies.  

Specializing in SEO, digital PR, PPC/SEM advertising, website design, and ORM, Go Fish Digital is an award-winning agency and hub of creative technological evolution. Go Fish proudly serves a global portfolio of clients, including Amazon, GEICO, and 23&Me, and have been pioneers in leveraging AI and LLMs (large language models) to revolutionize their consulting services. Today, Go Fish Digital is led by RJ Wilson, who joined in 2018 and will continue as the Division President.

Why Go Fish Digital?

This partnership is about more than just adding new services. It’s about synergizing strengths. As pioneers in the realm of AI-amplified marketing services, Go Fish Digital’s transformative approach aligns perfectly with Agital’s ethos of performance-driving digital marketing deviation.  

Go Fish Digital’s cutting-edge technologies and unparalleled SEO strength perfectly complement Agital’s deep and expansive service offering, enhancing our collective ability to drive results for our clients across their entire customer journey. This combination promises to revolutionize how we approach digital visibility and client success. 

What truly sets this acquisition apart is the alignment of our visions. Both Agital and Go Fish Digital are committed to driving measurable impact for our clients and the marketing industry as a whole. This partnership is a harmonious blend of talent, technology, and tenacity. 

Exciting Prospects for Our Clients 

The inclusion of Go Fish Digital into the Agital family opens up a world of possibilities: 

  • Enhanced Services for Our Clients – Go Fish Digital brings opportunities to expand Agital’s SEO skills and strengthen our efficiency through AI applications. (Go Fish Digital is already using AI and LLMs daily with a wide array of clients.) 
  • Client-Centric Approach – Go Fish Digital’s track record of exceptional client service aligns with our core value and proclivity for building enduring relationships. 
  • Strong Collaboration Skills – Go Fish has been praised by clients for their harmonious approach to working with other agencies. We work extremely hard to find leaders and cultures that will fit our vision of the people-centric and collaborative spirit of Agital. 

What’s next?

The acquisition of Go Fish Digital is more than just a strategic addition; it’s a shared journey toward redefining the landscape of digital marketing. As we blend our knowledge and resources, we’re set to elevate the service standard and introduce transformative changes across the industry. Our clients stand to gain the most, with a richer, more impactful service experience characterized by cutting-edge solutions. 

This union is a testament to the power of collaboration and a bold stride toward setting new industry benchmarks in quality and innovation. Welcome to the future of digital marketing. 

“Go Fish Digital’s unique data-driven and AI-optimized approach will allow us to solidify our position as a trailblazer in digital marketing solutions.”

Jeff Reynolds
CEO, Agital


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