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All we do is win!

Agital Named Best Digital Marketing Agency of North America by Yotpo

Yotpo is among Agital’s (formerly EXCLUSIVE) most cherished partners not just because of their outstanding technology and dedication to client success, but because of the awesomeness of its people. We are truly honored to have been selected as the Best Digital Marketing Agency in North America for their 2023 Partner Awards, announced on April 4th.

Today, I wanted to get into the What, How, Who, and Why of Agital’s selection as the winner in this hotly contested category.

The What

Our partner Yotpo and their awards. Yotpo helps brands accelerate their growth by enabling customer advocacy and maximizing their customer lifetime value. Their solutions include SMS marketing, loyalty & referrals, subscriptions, reviews, and visual UGC. Each year Yotpo celebrates its agency and technology partners by showcasing their ability to incorporate Yotpo’s offerings into their playbook. The awards recognize their top partners for their innovative strategies, collaborative spirit, and the exceptional work they’ve done to create engaging experiences that drive growth, retention, and stronger customer loyalty for ecommerce brands.

The Who

image.pngHi, it’s us!
We’ve been around for over 25 years, and we’ve made it our mission and priority to help businesses of all sizes achieve sustainable growth through sophisticated marketing strategies informed by actionable insights. This helps brands create the most impactful channel mix to advance their business and achieve their objectives across each stage of their customer journey.

The How

A lot of agencies’ approach to marketing is outdated and narrow, treating each channel as a silo and the consumer journey as a line. To offer a fresh and relevant alternative, we have reimagined the old marketing-and-sales funnel into what we call the Virtuous Activity Cycle (VAC) framework.


It promotes continuous growth and delivers value to customers at every juncture. Working on client accounts through the VAC lens ensures that their prospective customer universe is always expanding through a balance of acquisition and retention strategies enabled by smart technologies, such as Yotpo’s. Our framework empowers us to partner with Yotpo to serve clients who are specifically looking to build retention and promote loyalty, instead of approaching our base from a one-size-fits-all perspective.

At the same time, Google ads is one of Agital’s most popular services and we believe there is a huge opportunity to integrate Yotpo’s product and merchant ratings into ads and organic search results to drive better conversions for our clients.

The Why: Client Success Story

One of our clients in the hardware space, Mountain View Hearth Products, is currently utilizing Yotpo reviews and they’re one of the few merchants in the space with reviews attached to Product Listing ads. This approach has given them a leg up on their competition and has helped them claim a larger market share against giants like Amazon. Over the past 90 days Mountain View Hearth Products product ads containing Yotpo reviews have driven a conversion rate increase of 150% compared to ads without reviews.


What’s next?

Yotpo’s products and services have become an invaluable part of the growth plans we develop to help our clients and prospects achieve sustainable growth. We’re helping brands incorporate SMS into their client communication strategy, use product reviews to boost paid ad performance, and create smart loyalty and referral programs to boost acquisitions at no additional costs. All in the name of advancing our client and prospects’ marketing efforts and helping them reach their goals.

“Agital has been an exemplary partner. From their Sales Division to Organic/Paid Media teams to Email teams, they understand the value Yotpo can bring to their clients through a holistic marketing lens. Agital consistently exceeds expectations for their clients by delivering top-notch results and we’re proud to have such a strategic agency partner.”

Danielle Butera, Partner Manager at Yotpo

If you have any questions about our work, this award, or how we can help you with your digital marketing efforts across the entire customer journey, don’t hesitate to contact us or request an ecommerce analysis that will help you identify low-hanging fruit and optimize your channel strategy.


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