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A Preview of the New Bing, Powered by ChatGPT

Humanity has [mostly] welcomed the advancement of AI and so have many businesses in the information, technology, and digital experience industries that have rallied around this exciting disruptor. Microsoft has been at the helm, with the acquisition and integration of ChatGPT into their Bing neural networks and experience.

How We Got a Preview of the New Bing

Recently, I had the pleasure of presenting a webinar reintroducing our world – the world of ecommerce—to Microsoft’s Ad Network. First, we dove into the myths about Bing and debunked them. For example, did you know that Microsoft reaches 49MM Americans that Google does not? Then, we showcased record-smashing case studies of ecommerce brands that drove double-digit growth through their use of Microsoft’s functionalities, such as MSAN, UET, automated bidding, and more.

But then came something neither the audience, nor I were expecting: a global reveal of a widely anticipated technology, delivered exclusively to our intimate webinar audience.

We were shown… the new Bing—the very one that has been wildly speculated on by every digital-first company, every pundit, and every social media influencer. While what Microsoft showed us is still in the experimental stages, someone, somewhere is already seeing these types of results slowly rolling out.

Here’s what we saw…

1. A preview of Bing’s ChatGPT-powered search. Not that Sydney.

The first screenshot we saw was of a classic search for “hotel in Sydney”.
Immediately, you’ll notice this looks more like a normal search engine experience than a conversation (which is how we think of our interactions with ChatGPT.) The result is a natural language explanation showing source links for the content that is being consolidated and organized for your viewing. It’s a simple way to incorporate links into chat responses, without disregarding the hard work that went into creating the source information.

From an advertising perspective, this can be an extremely effective format because ads render naturally in Bing’s responses. With the current surge in Bing activity, this could be a windfall for advertisers who are ready to take advantage of this opportunity.

2. What do the new Bing text ads look like?

The second view looks like the first—where a hover-over shows a result. But there’s one tiny difference. This one is an ad. It’s fair to assume that because of the deep integration with ChatGPT and Microsoft Ads, you can influence the likelihood of being mentioned by ChatGPT if you are a savvy and effective advertiser.

3. Sneak peek of Bing image results powered by ChatGPT.

As you scroll deeper in our first example, you come across stunning options to engage in multimedia and experiential content—served at the right time, and in the right context.

4. Bing shopping ads powered by ChatGPT.

Returning to our flower search example, a deeper scroll shows Bing Shopping ads are perfectly placed for a click. Eager and inquisitive users are making their way to Bing to try out new features and we expect that they will be very satisfied—both with the organic and with the paid content experience.

5. Advice meets options: hotel results in Bing search powered by ChatGPT.

The fifth and final reveal is of the way hotel ads are display alongside Bing’s search results. Together, they form powerful options for users and, if I were a gambling man, I bet they generate high click-through and conversion rates at a good price point.


Our webinar, co-presented with Microsoft, provided a unique and hotly anticipated view of the New Bing, powered by ChatGPT.

We, at Agital, are extremely excited about the potential of Microsoft’s ad platform innovation and its implications for savvy brands who are looking to attract and convert new customers. We look forward to perfecting Microsoft ads and delivering a seamless experience to consumers on behalf of our clients.


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