Highnoon is Now Agital: Rebrand Advances Integrated Offerings
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Highnoon is Now Agital: Rebrand Deepens Our Integrated Offerings + Advances Our World-Class Analytics Suite

Rebrand Deepens Our Integrated Offerings + Advances Our World-Class Analytics Suite

Agital keeps moving full-steam ahead in 2024 as we celebrate the official integration of Highnoon into our brand, bestowing upon them the family name. The rebrand of Highnoon to Agital marks great strides in deepening the fusion of our companies, including the integration of Highnoon’s proprietary visualization platform into Agital’s industry-leading analytics suite.

Aligning under the Agital brand, we compose a team, service offering, and technology suite unlike anything the industry has seen before. This comes on the heels of two major additions to the growing list of Agital companies in 2024. Together with the experts from Highnoon and our growing list of industry-leading companies, Agital is a force taking the digital marketing world by storm.

“Agital continues to build momentum and deliver enhanced client tools through the deeper alignment of its growing network of leading companies like Highnoon.”

Jeff Reynolds
CEO, Agital

About Highnoon

After launching in 2020, Highnoon established itself as a leading full-service agency in Arizona, serving both local and national clients with data-driven strategies and process-based execution to address the ever-evolving marketing needs of its clients. The driving force for Highnoon to join Agital was a shared vision between Agital’s leaders and Highnoon’s founders—Scott Kaufman, Ken Bonham, and Joe Pizzimenti—the vision of building the foremost future-focused marketing agency in the US.

Why the Rebrand Matters

To be effective, modern marketing agencies must master the balance of technology, data, and strategy for comprehensive service delivery, all under one umbrella. Partnering with Highnoon has expanded Agital’s capabilities in lead generation, brand strategy, content, public relations, creative, and customer engagement. 

By rebranding Highnoon to Agital, we continue to deliver on our promise to drive impact for our clients with dynamic agility, innovative technology, and unparalleled expertise. We also proudly welcome Highnoon Founder and President Scott Kaufmann to Agital’s executive leadership team as Division President.

“Becoming part of Agital is the next step to truly deliver unrivaled impact by solving some of the most complex marketing issues for our sophisticated clients. It’s an incredibly exciting time at the intersection of marketing, AI, technology and customer experience.”

Scott Kaufmann
Division President, Agital

Across his two decades in digital marketing and advertising, Scott’s vision to build an integrated, data-driven, full-service agency that operates unlike any other has been closely aligned with the Agital plan. Scott has worked hand in hand with Highnoon clients like Avnet, Circle K, Cox Automotive, Cisco, and hundreds more to deliver on his strategic, results-focused client promise, and he will continue to do so under the Agital banner.

Additionally, Highnoon’s Monocle Analytics platform is now rebranded as Visualize, part of the Agital Impact technology platform. Visualize allows marketers to generate visually compelling, ready-for-distribution dashboards and reports to save time and resources by eliminating manual data pulls and manipulation.

The transition of Highnoon to Agital, the welcoming of Scott to the executive team, and the adaptation of Monacle Analytics to Visualize are steps in a larger plan to drive greater outcomes for our clients. We hope you continue to follow our journey to see what’s next and join us in challenging the status quo to make marketing, brands, and technology more effective.


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