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Track Your Marketing Performance Across 25+ Channels

With the Advanced Agital Impact Platform   

Innovation is a guiding principle here at Agital. Our vision of creating a lasting impact on our industry requires us to continuously innovate, to create new and better ways to drive growth for our clients while proving how our holistic approach brings the maximum results for their brands. 

We recently announced a giant step forward in our journey of impact and innovation—we upgraded our Agital Impact platform to add new and more sophisticated reporting and analytics capabilities! Our latest enhancements include a comprehensive, cross-channel view of marketing performance across 25+ channels, advanced modeling capabilities, and deeper insights for informed decision making. 

What’s new about Agital Impact? 

Agital Impact goes beyond performance tracking to deliver sophisticated modeling and holistic business insights. The latest wave of platform enhancements include: 

  • Cutting-edge UX technology that improves usability and streamlines the platform’s delivery of insights to users. 
  • A significant infrastructure update that enables clients to perform more complex data analysis
  • More comprehensive media mix modeling (MMM), customer lifetime value (CLV), and marketing activity reporting capabilities. 

The freshly advanced reporting tools complement Agital’s Customer Journey Framework, allowing our team to provide end-to-end solutions for ecommerce clients along each stage of the journey—from awareness and consideration to conversion, loyalty, and advocacy. 

As a rapidly growing business, resource allocation is extremely important. Agital Impact has been a powerful tool in helping us maximize our marketing budget. By identifying our most effective marketing channels, we have been able to allocate resources and budgets more effectively and achieve higher returns on our investment.”

Connor Morris
Director of Paid Media & Digital Advertising, Trusted Tech Team

What’s next for Agital Impact?  

Agital Impact continues to offer out-of-the-box advanced analytics that help companies of all sizes—from SMBs to emerging enterprises and global brands—optimize business performance through accessible, easy-to-understand insights reporting. As the digital landscape continues to evolve with advancements in AI, marketing, and user experience, so will our technology and approach to marketing. 

“Our goal at Agital is to provide businesses with more than just channel-level performance reporting, and one of the key advantages of Agital Impact is its ability to aggregate and simplify complex reporting processes across a multitude of channels. Our latest updates empower marketers with insights and comprehensive analytics capabilities, enabling them to make data-driven decisions confidently.”

Frank Kjaersgaard
Chief Technology Officer, Agital 

Want to see Agital Impact for yourself? 

Agital Impact is available to all Agital clients, and you can learn more about the platform at If you are not already an Agital client, we would love to show you a preview of the platform and discuss how we can help you exceed your business goals. 


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