Meet the Companies that Make Up Agital
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Meet the Companies That Make Up Agital

Last week, we introduced several members of the Agital’s leadership team and shared insight into who they are and why they chose to join Agital. Today, we take a deeper look into the companies that make up Agital and their secret weapons to disrupting the marketing services industry.

The first company to become a part of the Agital family was Exclusive Concepts, which brings extraordinary expertise in delivering exponential growth for ecommerce businesses and brands selling directly to consumers. Exclusive provides an integrated suite of performance marketing services that influence every stage of the customer journey. Some of Exclusive’s flagship services include paid search (PPC and product ads), SEO, paid social, and marketplaces. Exclusive’s biggest differentiators are their highly experienced (and fully invested) client teams and their proprietary technology that makes it easy to identify game-changing insights and quickly put them into action.

Scott Smigler
Founder of Exclusive

What brought Scott to Agital:

“When I started my agency in 1997, I saw the internet as a great field-leveler. I was excited by its potential to empower hungry upstarts and challengers to beat entrenched incumbents and build thriving organizations that better serve its people and clients. I called that the promise of digital.

For 26 years, Exclusive Concepts delivered on that promise for thousands of fast-growing brands and online merchants, but to make an impact at a greater scale, I knew I had to do something different. After a long deliberation, I decided to partner with Trinity Hunt Partners and Jeff Reynolds, Agital’s CEO, with the vision of creating a new kind of company that brings innovative agency founders and marketers together to advance the marketing industry and help our clients grow faster and more profitably by combining strategic agility with best-in-class marketing services and technologies.”

The second company to join Agital is Highnoon, a marketing and consulting agency that services emerging enterprises and enterprise-level clients looking for bold solutions in a status-quo environment. Highnoon offers a full range of online and offline marketing services, consulting, end-to-end experience and visibility-building and much more.

They solve their clients’ business problems by approaching them like a management consulting firm (by developing a fully integrated brand strategy). But unlike a management consulting firm, they are perfectly equipped to execute the entire plan—on and offline.

The founders, Scott Kaufman, Ken Bonham and Joe Pizzimenti, bring an extremely talented, Arizona-based team to Agital.

Scott Kaufmann
President of Highnoon

Why Scott and his partners decided to join the vision of Agital:

“A few years ago, Joe, Ken and I worked with out leadership team to envision what the agency of the future would look like in 10 years. It was clear then, just as it is now, that we wanted to be a part of a team of stellar, talented and visionary leaders, building the preeminent future-focused marketing agency in the US.

Becoming part of Agital is the next step to truly deliver unrivaled impact by solving some of the most complex marketing issues for our sophisticated clients. It’s an incredibly exciting time at the intersection of marketing, AI, technology and customer experience.”

Highnoon helps clients tackle challenges across the business and marketing spectrum—from building brands and raising their NPS scores, to launching new offerings and capturing greater market share, to increasing conversions and nurturing leads—we drive impact. Most of Highnoon’s clients are in the consumer and business services sector, helping Agital bring in diverse industry expertise and round out our enterprise-level services.

Next came EK Creative, one of the most prominent TikTok agency partners in the US with a large focus on social commerce, digital marketing, and emerging channels. As social commerce has grown into a crucial pillar of today’s ecommerce landscape, EK Creative is helping their clients skyrocket online revenues through a multi-channel selling approach that goes beyond their websites and incorporates diverse social platforms to increase awareness, reach, and conversions.

This unique ecommerce-first approach, which combines advertising, creator content, and live shopping, has made EK Creative a natural fit for the Agital team and a partnership that beautifully complements and rounds out Exclusive Concepts’ capabilities.

Ethan Kramer
Founder of EK Creative

Ethan’s vision for joining the team:

“For me, it was the chance to partner, learn from, and grow with great entrepreneurs. It was an opportunity to build something bigger and better than our team could do by ourselves.

I appreciate the vision of growth that emphasizes a people-first approach, coupled with a focus on results, enhanced by each of our teams’ unique areas of expertise.

I also saw an extremely complementary fit. EK Creative has vast expertise in social commerce and live shopping and can bring unique views, innovative strategies, and proven results to the table that complement the other agencies extremely well without competing. This ensures we can continue to focus on what we do best while learning from those around us. In addition, I am excited about the shared company management values.”

The most recent company to join the team is REQ, a digital marketing and communications agency that works with some of the world’s most recognizable brands. REQ begins each engagement with a deep dive into understanding the “destination” a client is trying to reach: raising money or M&A, growing revenue with strategic lead generation, building a recruiting engine, or creating thought leadership. REQ’s clients are B2C, B2B, and B2G enterprises primarily in the technology, hospitality, healthcare, telecom and financial services verticals, providing award-winning expertise across a variety of industries for large, enterprise clients.

Tripp Donnelly
Founder of REQ

Tripp Donnelly had this to share:

“I was impressed with Agital’s vision, strategy and team, and reassured by Trinity Hunt’s long successful track record of investing in and partnering with experienced leadership and compelling businesses. I’m confidently enthusiastic about our future as an industry leader in a dynamic, expanding market.”

As a result of these four partnerships, Agital was able to bring on a team of 300+ talented branding, design, strategy, digital marketing, and communications professionals who have a proven, industry-recognized track record and client expertise. They are the vehicle to Agital’s vision as we look to grow, expand and disrupt the marketing landscape.

And to end with one of Ethan Kramer’s favorite quotes,

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”

― Phil Jackson.


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