EK Creative is Now Agital | Elevating TikTok & Social Commerce
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EK Creative is Now Agital, Elevating TikTok & Social Commerce Services

Ethan Kramer is Named Partner, Amplifying Agital’s Live Selling Capabilities 

Agital is overjoyed to celebrate the complete integration of EK Creative into our brand! With the infusion of EK Creative into Agital, our team is setting new standards in social commerce, live selling, and affiliate marketing. 

In addition to adding a talented team of marketing trailblazers to our global group of experts, joining forces with EK Creative strengthens Agital’s partnership with TikTok. It empowers our team with cutting-edge tools and exclusive insights to deliver content that resonates with a diverse, global audience—expanding our reach into dynamic market segments and solidifying our position as a front-runner in live selling experiences. 

Together with the EK Creative team and our growing list of industry-leading companies, Agital is a force that continues to take the digital marketing world by storm. As part of the rebrand, EK Creative Founder and President Ethan Kramer has joined the Agital leadership team as Partner and Social Commerce Practice Leader. 

“The growth and expansion of Agital is fueled by our desire to bring the best industry minds and tools under one roof. Ethan’s vast experience and successful track record in innovative social commerce strategies make him invaluable as we strive to deliver more comprehensive, results-oriented solutions to our clients.” 

Jeff Reynolds
CEO, Agital

About EK Creative

EK Creative is a trailblazing social commerce and digital marketing agency, a certified CommentSold Partner, and one of the first TikTok Shop Partners in the US. Created by seasoned entrepreneur Ethan Kramer, EK Creative carved out a niche in live-selling platforms and social media campaigns, transforming how brands interact with consumers in real time.  

They were named #1 TikTok Shop Ads Partner in Q1 2024, and among the top three in live streaming and overall sales. EK Creative has helped clients generate over $40 million in GMV (gross merchandise volume) on TikTok Shop over the past year—$3 million+ in the past 28 days—solidifying their leadership status in leveraging emerging platforms for ecommerce success. Since it was founded in 2020, EK Creative has also driven over $500 million in Meta attributed sales (Facebook + Instagram).

Their innovative approach is pivotal in developing strategies that blend technology with compelling marketing techniques to enhance customer engagement and drive sales. With a keen insight into consumer behavior and market trends, the team has consistently delivered campaigns that resonate deeply with audiences, making EK Creative a valuable addition to Agital’s dynamic and rapidly growing platform. 

Why the Rebrand Matters

o be effective and competitive in a constantly shifting digital landscape, online brands need the right balance of technology, data, and strategy informed by the newest consumer trends and emerging platforms—all under one umbrella. Partnering with EK Creative significantly enhances Agital’s capabilities in social media, live selling, affiliate marketing, and social commerce, specifically thanks to their strengths as a TikTok Shop Partner. 

Recently, EK Creative and Agital orchestrated a TikTok live-selling event with a client that generated $100,000 in revenue in a single livestream, more than doubling the previous sales record. The landmark event reached 2.8 million viewers who added over four million products to their carts, and significantly expanded the client’s follower base by 7.8 thousand and showcased the powerful impact of combining Agital’s innovative strategies with EK Creative’s powerful expertise. 

By rebranding EK Creative to Agital, we continue to deliver on our promise to drive impact for our clients with dynamic agility, innovative technology, and unparalleled expertise. A key part of that impact delivery comes from our people, including our new Social Commerce Practice Leader and Partner Ethan Kramer.

“Over the past year, working closely under the Agital umbrella has been a journey of significant growth and learning for EK Creative. As we complete our integration, our team is excited to push the boundaries, pioneering new shopping experiences, innovating how brands work with creators to drive social commerce revenue, and scaling our proven live shopping events that drive remarkable success for our clients.” 

Ethan Kramer
Partner & Social Commerce Practice Leader, Agital

The transition of EK Creative to Agital and the welcoming of Ethan and his team are steps in our plan to drive greater outcomes for our clients. Keep an eye on Agital to see what’s next, and join us in challenging the status quo to make marketing, brands, and technology more effective.


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