Top 3 Super Bowl Commercials of 2024, According to Experts
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Top 3 Super Bowl Commercials of 2024, According to Marketing Experts (Report)

Which commercial was most memorable? Here are the top 3 backed by our data.

The Super Bowl has become as famous for its commercials as it is for monumental half-time shows and decked out mega-fans. Today, the “big game” is not only competitive among NFL enthusiasts, but also among advertisers. With a 30-second spot going for $7 million, brands that participate must bring their A-game to drive maximum impact within a very brief timeframe.

Agital is the Impact Agency—our team is well-versed in turning impressions into conversions to score big for our clients. So, we surveyed Agital’s 500+ marketing experts to find out what made for the most memorable and impactful 2024 Super Bowl ads, and what that might mean for advertising in 2024.

You can watch our full analysis here:

Which commercial was most memorable?

The top three mentions were:

  1. Dunkin’ Donuts
  2. CeraVe
  3. Kia

Each of the top three commercials stood out for its own respective “something special”. Dunkin’ Donuts featured several major celebs: Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Jennifer Lopez, and Tom Brady, highlighting their (often hidden) humorous sides.

CeraVe’s quirky angle and clever play on words with Michael Cera were as memorable as they were unexpected. Finally, Kia’s heartfelt approach resonated with all age groups and left viewers with a warm and fuzzy feeling.

What commercial was the most unexpected?

CeraVe took home this trophy with a score of 41.8% of the votes.

As a first-time Super Bowl advertiser, CeraVe came out with a surprisingly fresh ad for their tried-and-true brand. This outcome aligns with Adweek naming CeraVe as the best ad of this year. The unexpected twist combined with the social media marketing efforts leading up to the Super Bowl made the CeraVe brand a viral sensation while reinforcing the “dermatologist backed” value proposition.

In today’s crowded and trend-driven skincare category, CeraVe’s approach proved to be a true differentiator.

What commercial was the most creative?

At 39.1%, Dunkin’ Donuts wins the “most creative” designation.

“The more star power, the better” seems to be the growing mantra in recent years, according to The Wall Street Journal. By combining serious star power with audacious humor, all while paying homage to its New England roots, the ad managed to shine a spotlight on Dunkin’s fun brand character.

What commercial was the most impactful?

Nearly 40% of the votes went to Google Pixel. Respondents were given a follow-up question: “Why do you think the Google Pixel commercial was impactful?”

Their responses revealed 3 key themes:

1. Emotional connection + empathy. The Google Pixel ad evoked strong emotional responses and fostered empathy by depicting real-life challenges and moments of adversity.

2. Innovative technology improving lives. They showcased the power of technology advancement to positively impact people’s lives, particularly in areas such as accessibility and inclusivity.

3. Realness and authenticity. The ad felt genuine, authentic, and relatable, depicting everyday experiences that resonated with viewers.

Who was the favorite celebrity appearance?

And lastly, who can resist a surprise cameo appearance? We polled the Agital team on their favorite celebrity appearance the 2024 Super Bowl ads and the top three submissions from our respondents were:

  • Beyonce
  • Tom Brady
  • Christopher Walken

At the end of the game, the brands that stood out most broke convention and left it all on the field, so to speak. They highlighted the power of surprising, imaginative, and emotional advertising to make a lasting impression in the minds and memories of an enthusiastic audience.

How do our findings align with your thoughts on this year’s Super Bowl ads?


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