Case Study


Discover how we helped O2Trainer grow TikTok Shop revenue with over a quarter million new visitors in Q4 2023 with effective content strategies & production.


EK Creative is Now Agital

EK Creative joins Agital to elevate our TikTok and social commerce services. The full integration strengthens our TikTok Shop partnership.

Case Study
Apt 2B


How Agital helped new furniture company Apt2B dramatically increase its market share through a mix of organic & paid search + video.

Case Study

Blue Waters

Agital helped fashion reseller Blue Waters smash their growth goals for TikTok Shop revenue (+125% MoM), purchase rate, and cost per purchase.

Case Study
Valleywise Health case study

Valleywise Health

With brand and campaign messaging built to reach diverse audiences, we helped Valleywise connect with their communities.