Unleashing Growth by Activating Your Email List With Meta, Google Ads, & TikTok

Leverage your email list’s potential across Meta, Google Ads, & TikTok for powerful cross-platform marketing and revenue growth strategies.


Agital Education Presents: Maximize Your Marketing ROI by Personalizing Your Student Journey

Overcome high-ed challenges like targeting students, conveying value, maintaining identity. Register for our webinar to maximize your institution’s ROI!


SEO for the C-Suite: How to Get SEO Buy-In From Your Leadership Team

Master advanced SEO measurement strategies with Go Fish Digital and Agital. Effectively justify SEO investments amid rising budgets for SERP dominance in 2024.


Mastering Google Ads’ Disruptive AI From the Inside Out

Join Google and Agital to learn how Google’s DeepMind is revolutionizing Google Ads. Brands will need to adjust their approach with these new strategies.


Left Brain, Meet Right Brain: The Business Case for a Data-Driven Creative Strategy

Learn how to collect the right data to inform and build tools to guide your creative strategy, connect with key audiences, and drive performance.


Boosting SEO With Digital PR: 4 Killer Strategies

Learn the 5 imperatives for driving ecommerce to the next level this year from the leading experts in digital marketing.

Case Study
Valleywise Health case study

Valleywise Health

With brand and campaign messaging built to reach diverse audiences, we helped Valleywise connect with their communities.