Agital Education Presents: Maximize Your Marketing ROI by Personalizing Your Student Journey

Overcome high-ed challenges like targeting students, conveying value, maintaining identity. Register for our webinar to maximize your institution’s ROI!


The Future of Participatory Marketing 

Participatory marketing is about engaging consumers as active participants, rather than passive observers. Let’s explore future advancements.


Gen Z, Doom Spending, & Higher Education: How to Compete

Colleges and universities need to understand Gen Z’s beliefs and expectations—and how to meet them—in order to thrive in today’s market.


Left Brain, Meet Right Brain: The Business Case for a Data-Driven Creative Strategy

Learn how to collect the right data to inform and build tools to guide your creative strategy, connect with key audiences, and drive performance.


Metrics That Matter 2024: the Rise of Holistic KPIs

Join Klaviyo and Agital as we challenge the old approach to measurement and reveal a definitive breed of credible and meaningful KPIs.


Agital Welcomes WDG to the Family

We’re excited to announce our first acquisition of 2024, Web Development Group (WDG), and are thrilled to welcome them to the Agital family.


Crack the Code: 10 Website A/B Tests that Skyrocket Sales

CRO programs help brands do the seemingly impossible – increase sales and profitability without having to increase traffic.

Case Study
Valleywise Health case study

Valleywise Health

With brand and campaign messaging built to reach diverse audiences, we helped Valleywise connect with their communities.