Agital Welcomes WDG to the Family

We’re excited to announce our first acquisition of 2024, Web Development Group (WDG), and are thrilled to welcome them to the Agital family.

Mobile friendly website

3 Reasons Why Mobile-Friendly Websites Are Important

Mobile-friendly websites boost your sales and visibility because they are accessible to a majority of Google users.

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4 SEO & UX Tips for Creating Ecommerce Website Navigation That Grows Sales

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Domain Authority

What Is Domain Authority and How Can You Score Higher?

Improve domain authority by focusing on SEO, building quality links pointing to your site, and using high-authority links in content & copy.

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Voice Search Optimization: A Comprehensive Guide

Use our proven voice search optimization (VSO) top five tips from the ecommerce experts at Agital to reach new customers fast.

mobile first customers

5 Benefits of Adopting a Mobile-First Strategy

Are you looking to adopt a mobile-first strategy for your business? Explore the benefits of this tactic to help put your mobile users first.