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Left Brain, Meet Right Brain:

The Business Case for a Data-Driven Creative Strategy

Getting the results you need from your marketing requires a comprehensive strategy that integrates multiple, interdependent factors. Chief among them is your creative—how your messaging resonates with different audiences, how your design garners attention and builds brand recognition, and how your broader campaign comes to life across channels and tactics.

In this webinar, we’ll share how Agital collects data and builds tools to guide our creative decision-making, and we’ll demonstrate the transformative business results a data-driven creative strategy can yield.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • What first-party and third-party research is useful, and how to leverage it.
  • The tools and frameworks that can help guide your decision-making.
  • How to incorporate data into the creative process.
  • The impact a data-driven creative strategy can have on your marketing performance.

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  • Katie Fleming

    Director of Brand + CX at Agital

    Katie Fleming

    Director of Brand + CX at Agital

    Leading Agital Phoenix Divisions brand and CX department, Katie brings her expertise in business strategy, research analysis, brand storytelling, and creative problem solving to the table to overcome any marketing obstacles. Holding an MBA from Grand Canyon University and an NN/g User Experience certification, Katie excels in research, management, and audience engagement, leveraging her keen eye for detail and expertise in psychology to transform brands and harness impactful consumer insights.​

  • Jenny Frey

    Director of Content Strategy + Lead Storyteller

    Jenny Frey

    Director of Content Strategy + Lead Storyteller

    Jenny oversees a team of writers, creative strategists, content strategists, and SEO experts in the Phoenix division of Agital. She brings the creativity of a writer, the discipline (and background) of an academic, and the strategic thinking of a seasoned marketer. She excels at understanding business goals and user needs to develop successful, actionable, and creative marketing solutions.

An Integrated Approach

Harmonize your marketing efforts.

It’s all too easy for marketing efforts to become siloed—into different channels, campaigns, stages of the funnel, budgets, or even departments. To make sure all the pieces are working together to support one another and your larger goals, you need an integrated strategy.

At Agital we have both the expertise and tools to guide and inform how each individual effort is part of a larger whole.