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Introducing Agital: A New Era in Digital Marketing

Advancing Marketing Strategies into Growth and Impact

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, marketing has become the heart of business growth, demanding innovative strategies that break the mold and push boundaries. Today, we’re excited to unveil a powerful new force in the world of digital marketing—Agital, a company that redefines the way marketing services are delivered, connecting them seamlessly to our clients’ overarching business goals. With a vision rooted in purposeful agitation and a commitment to measurable impact, Agital is set to revolutionize the marketing industry.

Over the past two years, Agital has been making waves, completing four strategic partnerships including Exclusive Concepts, Highnoon, REQ, and EK Creative that have paved the way for this exciting brand launch. Agital isn’t just another digital marketing company; it’s an agency with a purpose, a place where agility, innovation, and expertise converge to drive extraordinary results for our clients. We’re not simply offering services; we’re offering a new way of thinking, a strategic approach that challenges the status quo and propels businesses forward.

Serving Businesses of All Sizes & Across All Industries

While the needs of SMBs may differ from those of enterprises and the needs of ecommerce brands may diverge from those of healthcare, education or technology companies, all of Agital’s clients share the goal of driving sustainable growth. Agital is strategically structured to meet clients where they are in their growth cycle—whether you are an emerging ecommerce brand with revenues from ten to a hundred million or an enterprise healthcare client with revenues in the hundreds of million to multi-billion, our team understands how marketing services need to scale with your business, and will provide tailored solutions to meet your unique requirements.

A Holistic Offering: Data-Driven Excellence

At Agital, data-driven marketing strategies are at the core of our services. They are the cornerstone upon which we’ve built a comprehensive suite of services designed to deliver real impact to our clients. While the marketing services industry offers a vast array of capabilities, we believe in focus and depth. Our portfolio of services spans paid search, SEO, social, strategic services such as branding, PR, creative, and consulting, and many more. Technology is core to our offering, driving speed of insight and agility. Agital has a deep expertise in both ecommerce and business & consumer services which allows us to offer fully integrated services rooted in deep expertise and spanning our clients’ needs.

People-Centric Growth

One of the fundamental principles that guide us is our commitment to people-first businesses. As we acquire additional, complementary firms, we’re not just here to deliver marketing solutions; we’re here to support entrepreneurs, to serve authentic leaders, and to help passionate employees sustainably grow their businesses and their careers. We understand the unique challenges faced by service-based companies, and we’re equipped with the knowledge and experience to navigate those challenges. Our aim is to light a path for businesses, demonstrating that entrepreneurial innovation combined with collaboration can create significant value.

A Record of Excellence

Our journey at Agital is backed by a track record of success. Our private equity sponsor, Trinity Hunt Partners, has been recognized as one of the top five funds of its class worldwide, ranking second in the United States and fourth in the world out of 500 funds. Our model of building real value in people-based businesses sets us apart, and we’re committed to continuing this legacy.

A Bright Future Ahead

As we embark on this exciting new phase as Agital, we look forward to driving innovation, impact, and growth. Our team, consisting of over 300 professionals, is ready to deploy the next generation of marketing strategies that will empower our clients to advance their brands and achieve their business goals. Together, with a focus on agility, insight, and people, we’re here to make a difference on behalf of our clients and industry, one impactful campaign at a time.

Together, let’s redefine the future of digital marketing.


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