Agital Impact Platform Upgrades Include New Reporting & Analytics
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Agital Upgrades Its Agital Impact Platform, Introducing Sophisticated New Reporting & Analytics Capabilities

New updates provide marketers with a comprehensive cross-channel view of performance, advanced modeling capabilities, and insights for informed decision-making.

March 19, 2024Agital, the digital marketing agency delivering measurable business results to marketers and business leaders, announced today updates to Agital Impact, its integrated technology platform. Agital Impact offers a single view of performance across more than 25 channels and platforms and provides sophisticated capabilities to make future-proof decisions through forecasting and modeling. These capabilities represent a paradigm shift in how businesses approach performance measurement and analytics. 

75% of marketers predict analytics will become more important over the coming year; however, they report that barely half of their decisions are influenced by marketing data, with commonly cited stumbling blocks including a lack of access to and consistency across data sources. Agital Impact solves these challenges by going beyond performance tracking to deliver sophisticated modeling and holistic business insights. Agital Impact’s user experience has recently been enhanced by implementing cutting-edge technology, which improves usability and streamlines the platform’s ability to deliver better results and stronger returns on marketing spend.

Agital Impact offers out-of-the-box advanced analytics capabilities that help companies of all sizes – from SMBs to emerging enterprises and global brands – optimize business performance through accessible, easy-to-understand insights reporting. 

“Our goal at Agital is to provide businesses with more than just channel-level performance reporting, and one of the key advantages of Agital Impact is its ability to aggregate and simplify complex reporting processes across a multitude of channels,” said Frank Kjaersgaard, Chief Technology Officer at Agital Impact. “Our latest updates empower marketers with insights and comprehensive analytics capabilities, enabling them to make data-driven decisions confidently.”

Furthermore, Agital has made a significant infrastructure update that enables businesses to perform more complex data analysis, including Media Mix Modeling (MMM), Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), and Marketing Activities reporting, bringing previously unattainable insights within reach for companies of all sizes. These advanced reporting tools complement Agital’s Customer Journey Framework, which allows Agital to provide end-to-end solutions for ecommerce clients along each stage of the journey – from awareness and consideration to conversion, loyalty, and advocacy.

Agital Impact also introduced Visualize, a cutting-edge application that integrates presentation capabilities into Agital Impact’s sophisticated analytics suite, now comprising three different applications: Inform, Visualize, and Compare. By incorporating Visualize’s powerful reporting and dashboard builder, Agital Impact allows marketers to generate visually compelling reports that are ready for distribution. 

“As a rapidly growing business, resource allocation is extremely important,” said Connor Morris, Director of Paid Media and Digital Advertising at Trusted Tech Team. “Agital Impact has been a powerful tool in helping us maximize our marketing budget. By identifying our most effective marketing channels, we have been able to allocate resources and budgets more effectively and achieve higher returns on our investment.”

Agital Impact is available to all Agital customers. For more information on this industry-leading integrated technology platform, please visit

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